Magic in antiquity and Ancient Rituals

Harm others, wanting to harm others... is something that man has desired and has tried to achieve through ritual and other practices from time immemorial. Already in the ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, invoked the supernatural forces that the gods, demons and other spirits to intervene in its own benefit.

The practice of magic goes back to the dawn of civilization. Thus, our ancestors were giving rise the curse, divination, necromancy, Voodoo... We are speaking of the first black magicians of history.

For the old man, any misfortune, any bad thing that found them, was caused by an enemy in order to damage them. Thanks to archaeology, found objects that corroborate the far above: dolls, curse tablets, etc.

Black Magic in antiquity 

Magic in antiquity  and Ancient RitualsCurse tablets were a form of black magic. It is small thin sheets, usually of lead, on which is engraved the name of the person harm, accompanied by symbols or magic formulas. Once registered the name, blades would be wrap, crossed with nails and nails and buried close to a tomb or a field of battle. Many times these curse tablets were utilized simply to get rid of a rival sports, although you could also use them to muddy the speech of a person during a trial or even to capture the attention of your beloved. It appealed to the forces of the underworld or the gods from beyond the grave-related: Persephone, Demeter, Hades, Hecate, Hermes...

In addition to these rugged tables were used dolls made with lead, bronze, clay or wax. These figures are also buried near tombs to be activated by the dead. The most frequent was to enter the name of the victim in a figure modelled with his arms tied behind his back, he was going through with nails in various parts of the body (head, eyes, genitals...). First dolls were made in order to attract the attention of the beloved, but already in the ancient Egypt, began to be used to get rid of the enemies of the Pharaoh. Sometimes these dolls were inserted in the intestine of animal carcasses.

It was also frequent the use of magical Papyri, texts in Greek, demontico and Coptic dating from the First century a. C. In these writings described the magical practices employed at the time. Thus, one of these practices was tying a hair from the victim to a corpse and put together both with the body of a hawk.

Ancient cultures also had a special interest in communicating with the dead. The first written record of this is an excerpt from the Odyssey. According to scholars, necromancy  was a custom common in Greece. In Roman times, necromancy missed hand of children that made the times of mediums, since they thought that being unspoiled and pristine, they facilitated the communication with the dead.

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