Spells against enemies

Spells against enemies. In this article we will see how to make some homemade and easy strong spells against enemies, to get away and dominate our enemies, and to protect us from curses or negative energies of any undesirable person.

Spells against enemies

1. This is a voodo spell for protection against enemies, also you can use it to harm a rival in love. Pour cheap champagne at the four corners of a park or plaza in a moonless night.

2. a spell to ward off enemies: forms a doll of the victim using flour, barley or earth damp, paint it in red and dress it in red. Aims this doll to the north face, and cut with an axe.

Spells against enemies3 spell to dominate enemies with Voodoo magic: get an image of your victim with wax. Prick with pins or needles, then soak it in a mixture of water and beer; Finally burn it over fire. Get rid of the remains.

4 baptizes a toad on behalf of the victim, and make him swallow a piece of parchment (plain paper will also serve) with the same name written in it. Then tie a hair of the victim to a leg of the Toad, and finally buried the animal under a place where he or she passes every day.

5. for each letter of the name of the person who you want to do damage, take a stone and identifies that stone with your enemy. Boiling stones until the water has evaporated, then strip the stones in a river or body of water. (I have used this spell to deal damage to an enemy, who was soon attacked by a terrible infection in the chest that nearly collapsed his lungs. He spent 21 days in a hospital. I have used this spell in conjunction with a malignant spell).

6. get a picture of the victim using black wax. Make wooden arrows, and through them through the image that you've done.

7. "If someone, with a new knife, cut into pieces a lemon, using words of hatred, slander, or disgust, against any person, then the person, through to an unlimited distance, will feel some unspeakable anguish and a sense of cutting in the heart, along with a chill and a feeling of failure in the whole body". (You can also stick pins in a lemon or orange. To dry out and break down the fruit, your enemy will feel a similar sensation of consumed. Or call an herb or flower by the name of your enemy, and let it dry).

8 passes several pins or needles in the heart of a lamb on a fire that you've thrown salt, saying: is not this heart that I want to burn, but the heart of (name of your enemy) which is going to burn. Wishing him neither rest nor peace until he is dead and buried. Let's see more spells against enemies.

9 buried bottles along a path that your victim will take. When his foot touches the ground, the disease will attack your body.

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10. to kill an enemy, he pronounces a requiem mass in his name. This spell against enemies is especially effective when performed in a cemetery.

11 it bore a piece of leather nine times. (The actual number of Satan).

12. in order to injure an enemy, wrap a human bone washed cotton along with something that belong you to your victim.

13. to recite spells, pulls down a well a PIN and a pebble where the initials of the victim have been recorded.

14. to bewitch an enemy to death: hangs a black Toad by the heels and collect the poison in an oyster shell. It impregnates with some dirty clothes of the victim.

15 ata a hair of the victim in a bird's nest to make it crazy. Or enter the hair on a branch in growth; as the wood covers it, it will be crazy.

16. This is one of the most powerful prayers of protection against enemies: "as the rising sun takes away the shine to the stars, so remove the force men and women who hate me. As many enemies as you, by sending your curse, so quito les force, as the Sun removes force sleeping people." (He recites this charm during a ritual of destruction).

17. so the hair of someone slipping, picks up the pieces of what has fallen when the hair was cut, and put them in a place where a bird will take them.

18. a prayer to dominate enemies: "I, (name), breath in you, three drops of blood will draw it. The first, from your heart, and the other of your liver, the third of your vigorous life. With this I take all your strength, and you lose the race." (Repeat 3 times)

Here concludes this article about spells to dominate and ward off enemies. Read this site to learn more about black magic and recipes homemade love spells.

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