Spells to dominate a man

These spells to dominate a man work exactly as the name says... for that you're who dominate the relationship.

Spells to dominate a man

First spell to dominate a man

You will need the following for this spell:
  • Calamus root
  • Romero
  • Rude
  • Lavender
  • A waste bag
Spells to dominate a man
Place a small amount of each herb in the bag. Carry bag with you when you go to see the man, or if you live with it, simply place it in a common place of the House, where both share the space. That's all. With this, you'll dominate your partner. See more love free to fall in love with a man

Another strong spell to dominate a man

Place a paper with the name of the person, together with 9 pins, licorice, tobacco and salt in a jar. Shake it while the Moon is waning, and that person will become increasingly less able to resist you and your influence.

Other resources to subdue a man

Powder of domination

  • Ashes of burnt palm leaves
  • Holy water
  • Beer
  • Myrrh
  • Lavender
  • Color: black.

This is a very powerful powder used to subdue a person about whom you want to have absolute control. Sprinkle the powder over an on incense while you repeat your name nine times. Use with extreme caution.

Oil to control someone

Place three drops of this oil in the shoes of the person who you want to master. This oil is very effective if used in conjunction with any other spell to master a macho man.

To have a better control over a situation or person, writes the location or the name of the person on a piece of paper, place the paper under a purple candle anointed with this oil. Turn it on every day until the candle is consumed completely and your domain on the situation or person must be set.

Two tablespoons of calamus are mixed with 50 ml of olive oil or any oil you have.

Here concludes this article about spells and witchcraft to dominate a man. Remember to always use them with care, and if you have any questions, browse this site to learn how to conjure these spells correctly, or leave your comments here below. Successes!

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