African Love Spells

Do you want to know two African love spells?

The rites and many of the magical knowledge of African culture are scattered through many regions of Europe and Latin America. If you want to learn about two of the best African love spells, read the following article.

If at this moment you are in love with a man or a woman, but you feel that win his love is an impossible mission, the power and help that provides the white African magic for people with love troubles is here, so you can use it when you want.

Now we will see two of the rituals that work with different African deities, which help you opening paths of love, and in this way, have a chance with that person's love.

African Love Spells

African Love Spells

First ritual of love with Oshun: The witches mainly when want to resort to them Orishas to ask you a please for the love resort to the Orisha Oshun, because is considered the goddess of Love.

She also represents all the liquid things, mainly rivers and seas, in rituals in which working with the water element is invoked to give more power to the spell.

This african love spell is used when there is already a relationship and that relationship is to improve.

That we need:
  • Two candles yellow or Golden failing
  • Honey, the more pure it is better
  • An image where this Oshun
  • And a photograph in which East your lover
How to make the spell:
Place two golden candles in a table and in the middle put the image of Oshun, light the candles but do it from right to left, look the flame and remember moments pleasant that have lived beside that person.

Put the photography of your beloved face down and leaving some drops of honey on it, while you say this chant of love:

"Queen of seas, who protect with your strength to the destitute, take my life and my relationship in your tides, I invoke you to take off negative energies that affect our relationship with the power of water".

You must bend in 4 parts the photography and then bury it with the remains of the candles, the image of the goddess Oshun.

Second African Love Spell

The African spell of Yemanja: In African rites, there are different types of magic, necromancy, animism, etc. But there is one in particular that is long used, a kind of super powerful magic called Umbanda.

African Love Spells

Here we make use of the Orishas, for the most invoked goddess to ask favors relating to love is to Yemanja. So we will see an African love spell using her power to achieve a binding of love.

We will need to the African Love Spell:
  • A small candle of blue color
  • A little bit of coarse salt
  • A stamp with the image of Yemanjá
  • And a cup of water

How to make the spell:
Light the blue candle while you thinking on the man or woman that want to bind.

Say this prayer of love:

"I beg Yemanja that you go to this place and help me with your gifts and wisdom, help me to get the love of (name of person) that is rendered my love forever." "Fill me with your white light so love comes to me, not let me suffer for love again".

Now pick  the salt and throw it in the glass with water, put the right hand in the water and throw a little in front of you, in your neck and slightly in the hands. Let the candle burn and keep the image of Yemanjá with you

Here conclude these two African love spells, please continue reading this website to find more spells and rituals.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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