Blue Magic Spells

There are many types of magic and today I will talk about blue magic spells. This is a kind of magic dedicated to supernatural, mysterious and intangible roads, to which not all are capable of access or not are informed of its existence. It basically works with spiritual and subtle energy.

Basically, different types of magic emerged from the black magic or white magic and its mixings.
Making reference to the blue magic, it is dedicated to illusions and to certain spells and divinations, especially to those that reported specific knowledge. The blue magic looks for results contrary to the natural laws. Somehow following supernatural roads, to which not all people are capable of access or not are informed of its existence. The blue magic is considered an art or hidden science by worth is for their committed of acts or words, or the invocation of spirits, geniuses or demons, effects or extraordinary phenomena not considered by the Catholic Church.

This magic can be used to eliminate negative attitudes, divinatory explorations of desires to do more deep self, perform invocations of prosperity, as well as claim to make new projects.

What involves the magic blue?

Blue Magic Spells
The blue magic spells cover a broad spectrum of exorcisms of them negative attitudes towards it wealth, scans divination of deepest wishes, and invocations of the auto abundance and the spirit of the money from the subconscious of wealth is adjusted by the ritual expression of a new value, and claim of new projects for its investment of them resources, among others. You can, for example, write your wishes and the same can be proclaimed and displayed. By its part, in the blue magic have different forms of deities with an appearance of prosperity can be employed to express abundances, such as Jupiter, Zeus, Midas, and Croesus.

Is important to mention that there are blue witches that are governed by the Arcana Codex. This Codex is a type of spells book mixed with a code of ethics which was written by the Master Zapuni.
The main precepts of the Arcana Codex are:

• The power is the control and management of the weaknesses, both foreign and own.
• Knowledge is the tool for the detection and control of weaknesses.
• Magic is the tool for the exploitation and management weaknesses.

Are you interested to know what is blue magic? I invite you to know more about magic. Remember it operates from the psychic plane of the subject.

Here concludes this article about blue magic spells, please continue reading this site to find more spells of red magic and wicca.

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