Good Luck Spells for Free

This is a good luck spells for free, in your career, in your business, in all what you propose to have more luck and prosperity.

It is extremely simple, it does not require any special investment or difficult to make these spells. I recommend to not perform this spell without the correct predisposition, i.e. absolute faith and conviction. Also, you should pronounce the words always having the best intentions and not even the slightest desire to harm anyone in the act. The magic used with responsibility and absolute belief will bring many satisfactions.

One last recommendation, recite these spells feeling that you wish to make it true, flip and believe it with greater intensity from the bottom of your heart.

Good Luck Spells for Free

Good Luck Spells for Free

What you'll need to carry out your good luck spells for free:

A cord or a green loop of about 13 inches. If search this practice before going to sleep, you enhance their effectiveness even more.

Say the following lines while you lashes nine knots in the cord:
  • Knot 1: my spell has begun.
  • Knot 2: a lot of work to make fruitful.
  • Knot 3: money comes to me.
  • Knot 4: the opportunity is knocking at my door.
  • Knot 5: my business (or career) thrives.
  • Knot 6: this charge is tied (declared)
  • Knot 7: the success is given.
  • Knot 8: the increase is impressive.
  • Knot 9: these things are mine!
As a final note, I say that it is clear that should be active in the life and cooperate with our desires, things don't come alone at our feet.

If want you cast this good luck spell for free, you don't have to sit all the day in a sofa without do nothing to achieve what you want in your life, this is: the success professional, monetary abundance, wealth, the prosperity in the family, more sales, a well-paid work, a recognized position, etc.

It's clear that none of these things comes at the feet of the people who sit to watch TV all day. So you have to be realistic and objectives to complement the power of the magic and in particular of this good luck spells for free that you learned today.

If you combine this practice with discipline and your daily work in everyday life, be sure that you are going to see results soon.

The law of the attraction is strong, if you educate yourself more and more, there are a lot of material available on the internet that you can use to reinforce the effects of your good luck spells.

Another Good Luck Spell for Free

First, light two blue candles and place them in front of you. Then place a Tiger-eye, a Blue Agate, and an Adventurine stone in a triangle between the candles. Take a feather and lay it under the stone triangle in front of you. Kneel and relax (basic preparation). Open a basic circle. I use "North, South, East, West, may this circle now be blessed" three times, each time focusing on the circle in question, inviting all the spirits to bless and protect. however, feel free to do that.

Now place your hands out straight near the flames of the candle and say:

"Oh blessed be, oh gods of fire,
Burn away my dark desires
Through the warmth that burns so free
Let violence change now to peace"

Then taking the feather in your hand, hold it close to you, and focusing your energies on it, say:

"Blessed be thou, of Goddess of love, 
look in favor upon me as I venture into danger. 
Leave not my side and aid me in my time of need."

Then taking the feather again, pass the tip over the stones, focusing on the energy being absorbed into the feather, and say:

"Through these stones, let your goodness be done.
Where no pain has befallen let no blood be shed
Where no evil exists let none surmount
Where no malice is meant, let none be formed
Where love is lost, let it now be found
I go in peace, I go to play
Through your goodness, let these feelings never go."

Here conclude this good luck spells for free, find more about good luck spells on this website!

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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