Prayer for the peace of mind

This prayer for the peace of mind asks God to relieve anxiety and stress, and give clarity of mind to feel at ease in our lives. Get the prayer in the morning or in the evening on a daily basis until you feel at peace.

Prayer for the peace of mind

"Almighty God, we bless you for our life, we praise you for your abundant mercy and grace that we have received. Thank you for your loyalty despite not being so faithful. Lord Jesus, I ask that you bring tranquility and peace to my mind, bodie, soul and spirit. I want to cure and eliminate everything that causes me stress, pain, and sorrow in my life.

Please guide me in my way through life and make that my enemies are in peace with me. Leave your reign of peace between my family, my workplace, my projects, and everything I do.

Let your angels of peace go ahead for me when I go out and remain on my side when I come back. In the name of Jesus, Amen."

Prayer for stress

"Heavenly Father, please, give me peace of mind and my soul. My soul is like a turbulent sea. It can not find balance between the constant concern. Give me the strength and clarity of mind to find my purpose and the path that you've already arranged for me. I trust my love to God, and I know you're going to heal this stress. In the same way that the sun rises every day against the darkness of the night. Please, bring me clarity with the light of God."

"In your golden name, Amen."

Here ends this prayer for the peace of mind. Still browsing this website to discover more useful prayers.

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