Gold: magical properties and its rituals for luck

Today we will see an article about the magical properties of gold and their rituals to attract luck, for even better understand the characteristics of this precious metal, which are performed many rituals and amulets.

The rich golden color that emanates from gold has been one of its most important attractions.
For that reason, perhaps, many archaic civilizations related it with the Sun, the energy of life, power and fortune as they were cases of Egyptian and Greek civilization, which used it to buy and sell.

The Celts, particularly, saw gold as a natural element of extraordinary magical power. Their priests gathered mistletoe with Golden sickles to enhance the powers of this herb.
Gold: magical properties and its rituals for luck
This custom continued, even during the middle ages not only to collect mistletoe but every projective herb (male, positive or electric) using silver knives for harvesting herbs receptive (female, negative, magnetic).

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Gold and its protection properties

Gold has also been viewed as a protective element. The Pharaohs of the oldest dynasty, for example, used six thousand years ago bracelets and rings of gold to protect themselves from the madness.

In the middle ages arose the belief to take gold in the ears to protect the eyes, and at all times, sailors took gold to prevent shipwrecks.

Today, the India children protect themselves with tiny gold charms. Crucifixes and crosses of gold that Christians use today are survivors of ancient pagan customs of protection.

Gold and its healing power

In this sense, there are many beliefs, such as, for example, gold ring through the diseased body part which is considered contributes to healing, and even he could eradicate warts and boils, styes, grains.

Also believed that using gold, especially loaded, is useful to relieve sexual dysfunction male (impotence).

It was effective, also, to combat diseases of livestock, which was enough to put in the water where a gold object this drank during the night. that same water drink at dawn by a child immunized him against the evil eye.

Gold to attract the money: buy and sell what you want

As it has been used for a long time as a means of Exchange and because of its great value, gold often figures in the rituals involved with money and to achieve success.

To do so, used gold (golden rings, golden necklaces, etc.) along with green candles in order to attract a steady flow of money to life. And of course, if you want to buy gold, use it as the attraction.

How to ensure luck with gold

It is important to note that any gem or ornamental object that gold is a good conduit for luck. In this sense, several examples are presented:

When you need fortune or luck in financial matters, it is recommended to rub a piece of gold in the Palm of the right hand, and on the left hand to find luck in love affairs and fidelity in the couple.

When you want to win in gambling, it is advisable to rub the lottery tickets, guards of the primitive or other similar with a piece of gold games one day before your draw.

It is rubbing with the object of gold shaped circular in the sense of the clock hands on the ticket lottery or shroud, strongly thinking that luck will favor us for tomorrow.

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