Can Christians practice witchcraft?

Witchcraft and the practices of witchcraft have become very popular lately, and many times I receive this question by Christian people interested in practicing their own spells to improve their lives.

Is a Satanic practice witchcraft or Wicca?

Wicca and witchcraft are not Satanic acts. Satanism is a concept jewish-christian. Wiccans practice a religion of nature that does not provide any demon or evil God called Satan or the Devil. So the short answer is no, Wiccans do not recognize nor worship Satan.

Christians and witchcraft
It is believed that Christians based their interpretation of Satan according to ancient pagan gods with horns. (Most of the Christian concepts are actually taken from pagan religions and their deities). This Horned God, known as "Cernunnos" for Wiccans and pagans, has a pair of horns on his head. It reflects the seasons of the year in the annual cycle of life, death and rebirth. Since it tends to be associated with animals, Cernunnos is known as the "Lord of the animals" or the "Lord of wild things". Due to the fact that Christians have a strong belief in the good and the evil, they have always had a tendency to treat the pagan deities as blasphemous, and thus turn them into something bad.

Can a Christian practice witchcraft or sorcery? 

Yes, there are many Christian witches. It would be more difficult to be a Christian Wiccan because  Christianity and Wicca are two separate religions. But there are plenty of people who combine the two religions and practices. If someone makes spells, but worships Jesus and recognized him as their deity, would be considered a Christian witch. There are many pagans who do not accept the combination of both things, but this is really a Neopagan perspective and is not the traditional point of view. In places like Mexico and Africa, the majority of the people is Christian or Catholic, but often still practiced rituals and the popular magic of their ancestors. And in the United States and other Western countries, the majority of the people are raised as Christians. When they discover the witchcraft, they tend to have difficulties to renounce their Christian beliefs by a completely new religion, so instead, they just combine the two. I don't see any strange, but for many people, it will be difficult to understand you if you tell them you're a Christian witch.

What is a pagan?

Pagan Goddess
A pagan or Neo-pagan is someone who has a nature-based religion. Instead of seeing God as "above us", and Satan as "below us", we consider all of Nature as something sacred. We revere the Earth, Sun, moon, stars, plants, and animals, and we believe that the spirit of the great Mother goddess is present in all living beings. Depending on the Pantheon, mother earth can be referred to as Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, Demeter or Gaia / Gea, including the Pacha Mama of the Incas. For many people, it is easier to create a greater connection with a goddess that with a male God. Many gay men seem to be especially attracted by the religions of nature, as Wicca. They are not rejected by the pagan belief systems, as if they can be in the Christian Church.

Wicca is considered a neo-pagan religion. ("Neo-pagan" refers specifically to the renewal of the ancient pagan belief systems. Many of us just call it pagan.) However, not all Pagans are Wiccans. Many pagans do not practice witchcraft at all, or simply don't feel the need for a structured religion like Wicca. There are also many other pagan religions that you can follow, as Druidism. You can also be a pagan or a witch and not to follow any religion in particular. Many see themselves as eclectic witches or eclectic Wiccans. Everything may seem a little confusing at first, but as I more spoken with pagans and witches, more achieved understand what most of us simply take the beliefs and practices that make sense for us and turn them into our own system of beliefs or religion. Find a name sometimes can be difficult, by which many witches choose to call themselves "eclectic solitary witches".

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