What is Satanism

Satanism consists of a number of related beliefs and social phenomena. They share the characteristics of symbolism, which includes or not the veneration and admiration for Satan (or similar figures). It is believed that Satan appeared for the first time in the Hebrew Bible, where it was an angel who challenged the faith of humans and religion. In the book of Job appears as it "the Satan and acted as the informer in the Court of God.»
A character named "Satán" was described within the many Gospels of early Christians as the cosmic enemy of man and the tempter of Jesus. Much more developed in breadth and power than the carrier of Armageddon and Apocalypse as it is characterized in the book of revelation. Inspired by these texts (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) religions are considered traditionally Satan as an adversary or an enemy; seeing their presence and influence on every aspect of the adversarial role dating back to the creation and the fall of man. The figure of Satan was treated in a way different, especially by Christians and Muslims, as a competitor to rebel or jealous of the humans, and characterized as a fallen angel or demon dominating penitential hell; Jesus threw him to the ground because in heaven was obstruct the angels, humans, wandering the planet competing for souls or providing the impetus for all the worldly parodies. Particularly after the European enlightenment, some works, such as paradise lost, were taken by the romantics and described as the presentation of the biblical Satan, an allegory that represents a crisis of faith, individualism, free will, wisdom and PROGRESSIVISM. They are few in number those works that actually showed Satan as a heroic character but yes they are there: George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain are two authors whose works include this precedent in the writing that was taken by the Satanic religious.

What is SatanismThe legislation, as British law of 1735 (Witchcraft Act 1735), not repealed until 1951, reflected a strong public sentiment against witchcraft and Satanism. The Satanic religion began in 1966 with the founding of the Church of Satan.

The modern satanic groups (those which appeared after the 1960s) are very diverse, but there are two very important trends that can be as traditional or theistic Satanism and atheistic Satanism. Theists Satanic worship Satan as a supernatural God. On the other hand, the Satanic atheists consider themselves atheists and venerate Satan as a symbol of some human traits. This categorization of Satanism (which can be categorized in other ways, for example «traditional» against 'modern') has not been necessarily adopted by the Satanic itself, who usually would not specify what kind of Satanic are attached [citation needed]. Some Satanic [citation needed] believe in God in the sense of power, but like the Satanic atheists, still worship themselves, due to the Deist belief that God doesn't play any role in the deadly lives.

Each 'type' of Satanic normally refers to itself only as "Satanic".

History of Satanism

Historically, and especially in Christian European civilization through the centuries, but also in the muslim countries (for example, Yezidis), some people and some groups have described specifically as Satan or the devil worshippers or followers of his work. The widespread preponderance of these groups in European cultures is partly related to the importance and the meaning of Satan in Christianity. Looking at the historical development of the phenomenon of Satanism in the list described below, it seems evident that, while examples of early Christians could reflect the triumphs of the Catholic Church to overcome pagans and heretics (or to get rid of opponents, as in the case of Urbain Grandier), in the later examples (at least since the days of the Marquis de Sade onwards) he expresses clearly and openly hate to the point of sacrilege and blasphemy in some cases, towards Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church in particular.

Traditional Satanism

Traditional Satanism, sometimes called theistic Satanism, tends to be the term that refers to those forms of Satanism which have supernatural beliefs and perform a worship of the devil and demons literally meaning to these entities as beings and real spirits that exist. The term is usually used to differentiate this form of Satanism from symbolic Satanism, mainly represented by the Church of Satan of Anton LaVey which ensures that their doctrine is atheistic, does not believe in the existence of any God and sees the image of Satan as a symbol of rebellion, human nature and power, but not an entity actually present.

Religious practices and worship the devil dating from ancient times and are recorded, for example, in the case of the medieval Aristocrat Gilles de Rais. Difficult historical validation, as in obscurantist times any considered heretical or pagan practice was rated, mistakenly, as Satanic (the case of the persecution of the Church to the Templars), certainly there are records of satanic cults throughout history by followers who believed in the real existence of the entities who invoked, including the devil. Different historical figures have been associated with Satanism, as Elizabeth Báthory, William Blake or Francis Dashwood and his Infernal fire Club, their degree of genuine involvement with devil worship is subject to debate, and in some cases, it is argued that they were Pagan rites, and esoteric symbols.

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Antón LaVey was one of the first in, at least publicly, define Satanism as a symbolic religion where a real cult is not rendered to the devil as an existing entity, almost all previous Satanism was, in some measure, theist, reason why the use of differentiation in the terminology mainly responds to the need to separate both forms of Satanism; traditional theistic of the symbolic.

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