How to Become a Witch: 8 secrets to change your life

I outlined these 8 steps to guide those who want to learn How to become a true witch but don't know where to start. You'll notice that I do not mention anything about sects or groups up to the last step. This is because I firmly believe all the witches must begin in a solitary way. Learn about witchcraft and the practice of magic by yourself will teach you what works for you and what suits you well to you. Once you realize that, you can find others with whom to share your experiences, spells and rituals, including places like this Blog.

How to Become a Witch How to Become a Witch: First step - Discover your way

Read and study. Read everything you can get to learn more about the beliefs and practices of witchcraft, such as books, web pages or online journals. Learning just as much as you can about the basic beliefs and principles of witchcraft you can decide if the religion is the right path for you. While reading books and the study of the written word are very beneficial, Wicca and other forms of practice are nature religions. Go out and experience with the creation of the divinity. Go camping. Take walks in the mountains. Swim in ponds and lakes. Absorb the energy of the Sun and the moon. Look at the birds. Look at the stars. Learn everything you can about the Earth and sky, which are organs of the God and the goddess. And travel as much as you can.

Step two - define your way

So now you know the basics and you have decided that it is definitely something that fits your belief system. In a notebook or journal, begin to write some of the reasons why you think that witchcraft is your way. What means to be a witch for you? Are you waiting to learn through witchcraft? What fears do you find following this path? How can you display to the God and Goddess? What does the divine for you? Be completely honest. No one is going to read this, than you. (This booklet over time can become your book of shadows). There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. It is not a test, but simply a way to help you define your path.

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Step three - exploring the magic

How to Become a Witch
You'll notice that have not mentioned anything about spells or rituals, it is necessary to complete the first two steps before thinking about working with magic. The magic is not abracadabra, does not distort the natural order of things to meet your needs. The magic is simply raising and channeling the energy that lies in oneself, nature and the divine to achieve a wanted result. Before starting work with the magic, it is necessary to understand what it is, where it comes and what ethics which forms part of the work of witchcraft and wizardry. Remember that you are responsible for your own actions. If you damage someone with magic, you will face the consequences, probably sooner rather than later. It is also necessary to understand the basic structure of a ritual: draw circles, call elements, invoke the deities), raise and direct energy, down to Earth and close the circle. Learn about the phases of the Moon and how they affect the magic. Learn them as sufficiently well as for always knowing when the Moon is growing, when it is full, when is waning. Learn to feel how the Moon affects your state of mind and your body.

Step four - learning to concentrate

Try some meditation and visualization exercises to increase your concentration. The ability to concentrate and visualize will greatly increase your magic power. Learn to remain calm. Learn how to draw strength from within yourself and the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and stars. Learn to be in total stillness. Learn to hear the voice of God and the Goddess when you call.

Step five - working with the magic

Now you can start to do some basic spells. I suggest you begin with a ritual of the full or new moon, but of course do what you feel most comfortable for you. Although you can start with spells or rituals that you find in books or web pages, keep in mind that spells were written by a witch in particular, at any given time, and the best thing is to use them as a guide to creating your own rituals. Every witch should write their own spells whenever possible, to finally learn how become witch independently.

Step six - Dedication

If you've arrived here and you feel good, if you still feel that witchcraft is the way for you after much study, now is the time to carry out a ritual of auto-dedication. This ritual should be yours and only yours. You can design it as you want, and in the form that is most meaningful to you. A dedication ritual means that from now on forward you be spent these practices, by making this statement to yourself and to the divine, this is the path you wish to follow.

Step seven – making contacts

I usually recommend a year of study in solitary before considering to join a cult or a circle. This gives you the opportunity to celebrate a full cycle of Sabbats, and learn what works best for you. Some people may opt not to join any organized group - no problem. A solitary witch is so witch as a witch in a cult. But even if you don't join a group, you might want to consider to get together with other Witches from time to time. It is always good to discover new ideas and meet others who share your interests.

Step eight - initiation

There are many different opinions about the concept of initiation. In my opinion, there is a difference between the initiation in the art and

initiation in a coven or sect. The initiation in the art must always be a ritual alone. This is a moment of intimacy between you and the divine, that you are committing fully to witchcraft, the Lord and the goddess. An initiation should be something that is meaningful for you. The ritual should be written only for you.
A brief comment on grades in witchcraft: I, and one increasingly larger amount of Bruges, not recognize any system of degrees in witchcraft. I have met many witches beginners that know a lot more than an alleged witch in third grade, so this type of system has no relevant meaning for me, or for many of witches with whom I have spoken. An initiation in a circle is a means of binding to a group as a whole, of establishing trust between a 'family' of Bruges. It should not be an initiation to witchcraft itself, since, as I have said, that is something that is a private matter of each individually. Initiation into the circle should be drawn up by the Group and must incorporate elements of trust and sharing.

Don't think that your studies have been completed only because you have been initiated into a group. Witchcraft is a constant, growing and ever-changing learning.

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Here concludes this informative article on How to become a witch. Still browsing this Blog to discover more articles of witchcraft, recipes of white magic, black magic, spells for love, and much more, and remember to share your opinions right here or in your social networks, thanks!

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