How to attract Good Luck to your Home

How to attract Good Luck. Herbs and spices have always been valued for its use in preservation and food flavoring. Many also have medicinal properties and are also known for their magical properties and healing.

If you are going through a bad time and need to attract good luck into your life, read on to see what types of herbs can help you easily attract luck, wealth, money, abundance and healing to your life.

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Attract good lucky with herbs

Jamaica pepper for success

How to attract Good Luck to your HomeTraditionally used for seasoning meats and cooking fruit used in pastry; this species is also known for its properties attract good luck, money and health. When you use it in the kitchen, it transmits the intention to add richness to your life as you add Jamaica pepper food.
Apart from the kitchen, you can make a small envelope and fill it with some pepper of Jamaica. Place it in your wallet or purse to attract a large amount of wealth. You can also sprinkle a little on the four corners of your House, office or business. This will help to bring success to your work and leave the bad energies of lack and limitation that may be surrounding you. We continue seeing other herbs for luck.

Cinnamon to get money quick

One of my favorites for use in desserts, this spice is very powerful. It not only helps to attract success; it is impressive to bring healing, protection and love for your loved ones. Furthermore it is known that it serves to improve psychic powers and strength of will.
To unleash the power of cinnamon; put a pinch on your meals or tea or hot chocolate. It is said that it is good to attract large amounts of money quickly. Try putting a pinch in your wallet or your purse. You can also take a cinnamon stick with you or place it close as a reminder. Attach a ticket to a cinnamon roll and see how your money multiplies!

Clove for healing

The clove has a variety of uses spiritual as well as serving to attract good luck. It can be used to enhance love, sensual and sexual feelings, while providing protection and comp. all negativity that you may have absorbed to your around.
Some people choose to burn cloves in carbon but it is easier to simply carry a few in a bag or envelope. You can create a bag with cloves and hang it in your kitchen or closet. Its aromatic scent has energy and healing properties. Let's see more good luck spells.

Ginger for richness

Mentioned in the ancient Indian text Kama Sutra, Ginger is often known for its ability to improve love and sensuality. It also works to attract good luck, wealth, success and power. You can buy it in different forms: fresh, powdered, crystallized or even candied.
As with other spices, put the powder in a bag or sprinkle it around the House. If you decide to add it to your food, you set the intention that you are bringing a lot of richness to your life while ginger comes into your body.

Mint to make money

It is easy to get fresh and dry. Mint leaves have a wonderfully energizing fragrance and great power. They bring the protection and strength so that your wealth and your investment always are safe and continue to expand exponentially. Their green leaves are also a symbol of money growth. Keep dry mint leaf or two in your wallet or purse for luck in business.
According to the ancient popular magic, rub the Bills in your wallet with mint leaves fresh helps money to multiply. Try it and shows how even more money coming to you whenever you spend a little. It is a great addition to any garden or as a potted plant. It has an amazing aroma that will fill your home of freshness quickly.

Poppy seeds for good Luck

These small seeds may also bring prosperity. It takes a few in your pocket or purse to attract good luck and money in abundance.

Sage, eucalyptus, cedar

Finally, you can rub you to yourself, your pets, home, furniture, vehicles, office and outdoor environment with any of these herbs to elevate your personal and environmental vibration by cleaning any negativity that can be absorbed or that may be hanging around!

Always use the mantra that "only love and light energies will remain, and all energies must be transmuted new to Mother earth for the highest good of all". Works surprisingly well to attract good luck as well as a large amount of money, health, love, creativity, laughter and everything else with a high positive vibrational energy!

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Here concludes this article on How to attract good luck using herbs, continue browsing this website to discover more about home witchcraft.

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