How to remove envy from a home with magic

The power of envy is perhaps one of not magic's most powerful forces in the world. However, with a bit of magic this awesome power is can control, or make disappear. Today we will see a homemade recipe that you will learn how to remove envy easily and quickly with magic.
This type of recipes for envy may be made several times and its effects are usually long-lasting so that even a novice practitioner can achieve a great effect casting these spells on numerous occasions.

How to remove envy from a home with magic How to remove envy with homemade witchcraft

We see then How to remove envy easily and effectively. You will need the following for this spell:
  • A candle of your favorite color
  • A green candle
  • A small knife
  • Sticks of cinnamon
  • Essential oil of cinnamon
  • Hyssop plant
The ideal time to carry out practices such as removing the envy is during the new moon phase.

1 Take a purifying bath with Herb hyssop to remove all negativity from your body.
Then draw a magic circle: identifies the end of your room. Begins here and walk around the room to the right (such as the clock hands) holding an incense of cinnamon in your right hand. It displays a blue sphere that surrounds your home.

2 enter the circle. He recorded with the knife, your name on the candle you have chosen, to represent yourself, and the name of the envious person in the Green candle. Write the names in such a way that the name begins with the part closest to the wick of the candle.

3 Anoint your candle with cinnamon oil. Turn it on while you pronounce this incantation:

"It is my will to remove the envy of my life.
Now anoint the candle and pronounce:
This candle represents an envious person, that won't bother me more."

4 the Green candle lit and put it out of the room, near the front door, and tell:

"Exile the envy of this home. That your spirit leave behind petty spite, to fill your soul of love and light."
Let the candle burns completely.

5. Now display a blue power tie and get a spell with this tie around your candle, saying:

"I appeal to the land to tie this spell in the air to accelerate your journey, to fire to bring the spirit from on high, the water to fill this spell of love. My conjuring will is, not to cause harm to none or turn against me. So".

6 he thanked elements, saying:

"Earth, water, fire, air, leave this circle to my care." Go with my thanks and love."

Now walk around the room to the left while holding an incense of cinnamon (can be the same as before), while viewing the blue circle vanishes.

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Here concludes this article on How to remove envy with white magic. Continue browsing this blog to discover more spells and effective rituals. Blessings

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