Santeria spells for love

Santeria is an ancient religion of African origin, originated by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. For centuries, the santeria was poorly understood and considered similar to black magic and dark practices as animal sacrifices. But in fact, it is quite the opposite. Yes, santeria is a religion in which magic plays a critical role in the beliefs, values and rituals of its practitioners, an important role, but their magic is not in any way "black" or "dark". And since this religion is fairly closed, its practitioners do not see the need to speak publicly or justify their acts. There’s a lot of rituals of santeria for love, although not many of these practices have emerged from the closed circles of santeria.

Santeria love spells are very strong and have been known to help people recovering their lost love  or strengthen their relationships and so on. Remember, Santeria love spells though powerful in nature, do not work by bending people free will or manipulating their conscience. It works by turning negative energies into positives and bringing about the realization of already existing realizations. These spells work towards fighting any negative forces in your life, giving space for the positive forces to endure and bring back the lost sheen.

Spell of Santeria for love

Santeria spells for love
Today we will see a santeria love spell that has come down to us through an ancient Central American order. This spell of santeria to seduction and love uses the help of the Oshun goddess. You ask to this deity in particular when you want to be more attractive in the eyes of the loved one.
This goddess must be regularly supplied with alcohol and sweet gifts. Its colors are yellow and pink, so if you want to strengthen the power of this spell you can use those colors for a few days after doing this santeria love spell.

Sugar and honey in this spell will ensure that the sweetness is preserved, and the use of coconut prevents the control from being lost, or that the spell will lead to a possible obsession.
For this spell of seduction with santeria for love, you will need:
  • A coconut
  • Five different types of hard liquor
  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Pink and yellow ribbons
  • A pink candle

How to throw the spell of santeria for love

This spell should be cast on Friday night.

Break the coconut in half. Remove half of the coconut water and adds the five different types of hard liquor, honey, molasses, white sugar and brown sugar. Add remaining coconut water and then returns to close the two halves of coconut and putting them together. Tie the coconut with pink and yellow ribbons and place it in front of a pink candle.

Leave the coconut in front of the candle lit for five days. Ask the goddess Oshun so you can seduce the person you love. It gives thanks to the goddess Oshun and finally discards all in the river.

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Here ends these santeria love spells. Continue browsing this blog to discover more recipes home love, instructions on How to do white magic spells and love spells.

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