Spells of Santería for money

As you probably know, the santería spells for money are a little more difficult to find than voodoo spells, as such rituals and spells are not as common in the religion of Santería  (which is similar but clearly different from Voodoo). Said that, most of the rituals are much longer than the spells and Wicca love bonds, and usually require a greater number of elements.

When I sat down to compile some spells of Santeríat for money, I didn't have much success. It was already quite hard to find voodoo spells that work, but those of witchcraft have cost me an eternity.

Free Santería spells

Spells of Santería for moneyThis religion is a mixture of African beliefs and the Caribbean, with a strong dose of Catholicism. It is not a religion that many people have an exact knowledge unless they are followers or practitioners of it. This means that there is not much information available to "outsiders". Most of the information about spells of Santería I've found has been very poor, and many are simply scams or frauds. However, there is one of the best spells of Santería to the money, which works to me and many of my friends, so you can try at home with homemade ingredients, free, and share in your Social Networks if you find it cool.

Spell of Santeria for money

This spell of santeria uses St. Lazarus and will help to increase the flow of money in your life. You will need the following items:

  • Blue Candle
  • White Candle
  • Coffee
  • Money
  • Pencil

The Orisha Babalu Aye is represented by Lazarus in Santeria. This Saint is often depicted as a slim, pretty old man with a cane and accompanied by two dogs. It is in charge of the sick, the weak and the poor so is the Orisha / Saint to pray when times are economically hard.

What to do:

On a Sunday, you light the two candles. Prepare a cup of coffee to St. Lazarus (this will be your offering, he is addicted to coffee!) and place it next to the candles. Take the money and with the pen writes the following on each bill:

"Lazarus blesses the owner of the bill with a lot of money, and bless me also."

Put the Bills in your wallet. When the candle have been consumed, drink the coffee and you see you the rest in your garden or in a pot (is good for the Earth). You'll immediately see how the flow of money in your life speeds up due to this spell of santeria home and free.

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Here concludes this article on spells of santeria for money. Continue browsing this blog to discover more spells and ties of love, money and health free and easy. Remember to be kind to the people and share your knowledge.
Successes and blessings!

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Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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