Love spells with sugar

The use of sugar in the magic is old and very effective. Sugar is an ingredient that is governed by Orisha and Venus, and just like honey, is used to generate favorable circumstances, generating attractions and thus to sweeten our lives. Some people use these spells of love with sugar if they have had a fight with a spouse, a friend, a family member or whoever. They are very similar to the sweetenings. Put your name and the name of the person you want to sweeten or tie in a bowl together with the sugar and see how to solve the problem with that person while you raise your energy.

Spells with sugar

Love spells with sugarThis type of love with sugar ties seem simple but are actually powerful. Chocolate, sugar, sweets, honey and other natural sweets have always been associated with love and can do wonders in love magic. Most of you sure have heard of spells with honey truth?

The idea is that these flavors sweets, and love, correspond perfectly and work to make difficult to break ties of love and friendship.

Some people even use brown sugar for making homemade incense, which serves to attract good luck. So using your mind and your inner power, and soon you will learn how to make sugar love spells that really work. There are people who use magic to baking Brownies and candy for a loved one, and while preparing the ingredients they displayed the result you want. The food is the fastest way to get to the heart and thus can attract love, and change your life forever.

Spell of love with sugar

For this tie of love with sugar you will need:
  • Sugar
  • Bottle or container
  • Pen or pencil
  • Red paper heart
  • Candles

Type the name of the person you want to attract 9 times in the heart of a red paper. On the back of the heart of red paper write the message you want to send him. Something simple such as 'call me', 'I'm sorry', 'forgive me', 'I miss you' can work better. This is because that is easier to send energetic messages, feelings or thoughts when they are short and simple.

Once you have written your message, fold the heart of paper in half and then place it standing in the bottle. Cover the heart with sugar of any kind, if you don't have sugar use honey or sweet.
Place the jar on your altar and then take some time to meditate on the result you want to obtain. Display the person doing exactly what you want to do. Always display vividly and in as much detail as possible.

Ask the goddess to help you in your desire. Keep the bottle in a safe place for as long as needed. This spell can be performed during any Moon, but traditionally do spells of love on Fridays, although some circles prefer Wednesday or Sunday to work on relationships.

Here concludes this article on love spells with sugar. Continue browsing this website to discover more recipes to fall in love with a man, or spells to seduce a woman. Share this spells with your friend on Social Networks if you find it useful for someone or you just want to help other people.

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