Magic circles: the great circles of magic

When we talk about a magic circle we refer to a consecrated circle in which great feats of magical operations are conducted. It is a sacred space reserved for ceremonies and rituals of high magic. I won't go into great detail here, we will simply see some basic information about the magical circles, and finally we will see How to draw a magic circle for your rituals and spells.

Magic circles

Magic circles
Within magic circles you can transcend the physical world and carry the mind to higher levels of consciousness. The devoted circle acts as a protective barrier against all evil and unwanted entities. From within this magic circle witch or sorcerer can invoke or conjure any demon or be angelic wishing for your orders. Keep in mind that entities conspire to appear on the outside of the circle. Magic circles they are used so that the wizard will remain there during the magical operation, as well as other persons who are to participate in the ritual. The circle must be always clean and keep sacred in order to function as a pure protective barrier.

There are many types of magic circles that have been used over time in many different Grimoires. Most carry Holy names of gods and symbols inscribed on all the inside edge of the circle. To observe various magical circles, you will see that some have many names, difficult to read. These circles would perhaps be impossible to do because if you can't read what it says, then you cannot be sure to have the correct names and this will not serve as protection.

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You will see that others that are much easier to read and understand, what would be a much better choice to make there are. Which circle is best? That is something that the sorcerer must decide. I prefer to use one of my own creation that contains the names of the gods that I am used to invoke for my protection, not too complicated and not too simple. No matter what magic circles you choose or do, it must be right for you, because all your energy will accumulate within this circle.

There are those who claim that the magic circles must have certain colors and others. This is not true. What I say comes from years of trial and error. It is pure experience. A magic circle can draw in the sand or carving in concrete or paint on canvas. When they are painted on a surface usually are made in black and white. All of these methods use of magic circles have worked for many famous wizards for decades. If Aleister Crowley lived today, he would tell you the same thing.

Then I present some of the famous magic circles that have been used over time. There are others that can be found in various grimoires, but these are enough to give you an idea of how they differ from one another and what are their similarities.

How draw a magic circle for your rituals

Magic circles: placement of the altar, the sacred space cleaning, calling of entities, when drawing the circle and how to make the work of magic within the circle.

Here concludes this article on magic circles and their meanings. Continue browsing this website to learn How to make white magic, discover hundreds of recipes of spells and love ties, and much more.

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