Safety tips for make white magic

Today we will see some safety tips for make white magic that will serve as safety guidelines to do charms and spells at home. Ignore them may cause to harm you or harm other people.

Remember the main rule of Wicca: you do not harm anyone, and reminds the law of three times three, everything you want, will you return multiplied by three.

Or more than three times even when there are spells involved. When you make a magic spell, you are actually increasing energy having your actions, so that your actions will bring even greater consequences. A good reason to be careful!

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Here we get some tips of magic for safety when you do your own works of witchcraft.
Research before you make magic. Many magic spells are not for beginners, and things can go wrong. When you are just beginning to practice magic spells, the best go is little by little, start with the easiest, and be sure to keep in mind this phrase of utmost importance:

"This is what I ask, equivalent or better, and no harm to anyone."

Beware of Magic Spells

Never make a magic spell that tries to control anyone. This includes spells that you think are for your own good. This also means that magic should not be used to try to change people or influence their decisions.

Just do a spell on behalf of another person if this person has asked you to do it. And then only do the spell that you have requested.

The exception to the two previous councils is when you have spiritual authority over the welfare of others. For example, animals and small children who are under your care. But even so, check carefully to make sure that what you're thinking is aligned with divine will.
Remember the Wicca: "Do whatever you want, but never do harm to anyone."

Use magic to do something that harms others can be so harmful as to hurt another intentionally. For example, animal sacrifices to try to increase the power of your spells. (Note: animal sacrifices are not allowed as part of the Wicca rituals)
Be respectful of others; do not practice magic in public. Your acts of magic should be placed where you do not disrupt other people, and as we know, the spells work when it kept secret. This is partly a question of respect for the space of others, and partly to keep your strong and focused magic spells.

Clean your magical residue, and the deities invoked, erase signs and symbols, and open your magic circle before leaving.

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Follow these tips of magic to keep you safe in your practice of rituals and witchcraft!

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