Spells and rituals with menstrual blood

The word "menstruation" comes from the Greek root "men", which means month and "menes", meaning both Moon and power. In ancient times, women were very connected with the cycles of the Moon and in harmony with lunar energy. Both have a 28 days period. They menstruate when the feminine energy was at its highest level, and menstruate at the new moon when the feminine energy was on the level lower. Long before the arrival of the pills and tampons, many ancient cultures used menstrual blood in their rituals. For example, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt demanded their priests and priestesses swallow menstrual blood to improve their connection with the spirits. In this article, we will talk a little about the origin of the spells and rituals with menstruation.

Spells and rituals with menstruation
Some women continue even today honoring their menstrual periods. There are women who choose to keep their blood and use it for various purposes, including making art, science, prepare home remedies, fertilize plants, or simply eat it as a pure-blood. The idea is that you can give your vital power to any intent or magical ritual with an offering of blood, and raise any sentence with such offering. It will be something to mark it as yours.

Spells and rituals with menstrual blood

In African-American the Hoodoo magical culture, a woman collects her menstrual blood and adds it to the food of the man with whom he wants to marry unless this becomes aware. They believed to bewitch the man in this way, and they will retain his love for her and be faithful forever. There are spells and rituals similar to popular wiccan magic.

As you know, on this site we collect hundreds of spells and effective love ties, from different backgrounds and cultures. Here you can find love with the blood of menstruation.
The mysteries of blood we are taught to remember that life and healing come from and return to the wife, wise woman, a woman who bleeds and bleeds. And it does not die. Blood mysteries taught that menstrual blood and the blood of childbirth are sacred, they are energy, healing blood.

Women will always be a source of life and a representation of mother earth. Why wouldn't we want to give back to our environment and feel in harmony with the universe? Whether you are adding nutrients to the plants or helping to save lives, we feel the need to connect and not let our sacred blood is wasted. So that the next time that Mother Nature makes you a visit, she smiles knowing that you are a force that gives life.

Here concludes this article on spells and rituals with menstruation. Please continue browsing this website to discover more free resources of sorcery and white magic.

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