Spells with salt: witchcraft and ritual with salt

Spells with salt

Common salt, sea salt or kosher salt – all has a long history of use in rituals of purification, magical protection and blessing. In this article will talk about different types of witchcraft with salt that have come down to us, including ritual sea salt and different spells with salt which you can do at home with common salt.

As you know, in the European folk tradition, it is common to take a pinch of salt in each corner of a room before witchcraft or magical practices. This custom has been transmitted to today's African American Hoodoo witchcraft also.

Witchcraft with salt

Spells with salt: witchcraft and ritual with saltIn general terms, when the intention of a spell is mainly protection, salt can be used alone or combined with ingredients such as salt and black pepper. For the more aggressive spells against enemies, you can add salt, red pepper, sulphur and blue stones.

In Latin America, the salt is used to prepare a very important magical formula called rattlesnake of salt, which is believed to extend life and provides protection for the home or workplace.
In addition, given that the ritual cleaning is an important part of the tradition of African magic, salt is a common ingredient in spells of protection involving ritual baths and deep cleaning. With salt rituals have been practiced in various cultures for thousands of years, and continue operating until today. Then, here you get two homemade recipes for spells with salt you can try at home safely.

Spell with salt for the protection and positive energy

You will need the following for this spell:
  • Salt
  • Water

Rituals with salt to heal

You can shower with salt and clean your chakras with it. You can also take a dip with salted water for 15 minutes; you'll be fresher and more relaxed than usual.

To protect:

Wherever you go, take a little salt with you and think that the place where you are going is haunted sprinkle a bit of salt in the area. If you are sleeping in a hotel, you can mix the salt with one cup of water and put it close to you.
To attract positive energy:
Shower or bathe with salt can help you to recover energy. You will feel more awake and cooled after taking a bath salt.

Salt homemade witchcraft: the witch bottle

The witch bottle is a magic tool whose use has been reported for centuries. In the early days, the jar or bottle was designed as a form of protection from the witchcraft and black magic. In particular, in the time of Samhain, the wizards did witch bottles to keep evil spirits away from the home on the eve of Halloween. The witch bottle was usually ceramic or glass, and included sharps such as pins and bent nails. It usually contained urine, which belonged to the owners of the House, as a magical link to the property and the family inside. In 2009, an intact witch bottle was found in Greenwich, England, and the experts have dated from around the 17th century.

If you want to surround yourself or your home with a bit of protective magic, you can learn how to make a bottle of witch in your home. This is also a spell with salt, but in this case we will use sea salt. The general idea is not only to protect ourselves, but return negative energy to anyone who is sending it to your home. You will need the following items:

  • A bottle of glass or bottle with lid
  • Sharp objects like rusty nails, razor blades, bent needles, etc.
  • Sea salt
  • A Red Ribbon
  • A black candle

Fill the container halfway with sharp ingredients. These are used to deflect bad luck and bad luck away from the pitcher. Add the salt, which is used for purification, and finally, the Red Ribbon, which brings the protection. When the jar is filled halfway, there are a couple of different things you can do, depending on the strength you want to give to this ritual jar.

One option is to fill the rest of the bottle with your own urine - this identifies the bottle like yours. However, if the idea seems a little disgusting, there are other ways to complete the process. Instead of urine, it uses a bit of wine. If you wish, you can devote the wine before using it in this way. Some magical traditions, usually spit wine after putting it in the bottle because - like urine - this is a way of marking the bottle as your territory.
Cap the bottle, and make sure that it is well sealed (especially if you've used the urine - don't want an accidental spill), and close it with the black candle wax. Black is considered useful for banishing negativity. If you are having problems to find black candles, you can use white instead, and imagine a white ring of protection that surrounds your bottle of witch. Also, in magic with candles, white is considered typically a universal substitute for any other color.

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Now, will we hide the bottle? There are two schools of thought on this, and you can decide what works best for you. A group swears that the bottle has to be hidden somewhere in the House - in a door, into a fireplace, behind a wardrobe, whatever - because that way, any kind of negative magic always directed to the House will go directly to the witch bottle, avoiding people at home. The other philosophy is that the bottle has to be buried the most far from the House as possible, so that any negative magic sent to you will never reach your House in the first place. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you leave the bottle in a place where it will remain unchanged permanently.

About the spells with salt

Salt is incredibly powerful in white magic. Especially the spells with sea salt. Almost all cultures have considered protective in salt. Religions pagan, Hindu, Voodoo among others have rituals with salt. Other traditions say that you can put a line of salt through the entrance of the home to keep evil spirits away, sprinkle some salt in every corner of your House or room.

Bathing in salt (dead sea salt is incredible, also are Epsom salts) is a powerful purification ritual - sleep deeply and peacefully after. Sounds nutty, but it really does fly the negative vibrations. The rituals with salt have been used in the work of exorcism and cleansing against ghosts or spirits.

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Here concludes this article on spells with salt. Continue browsing this website to discover more homemade recipes, easy spells and rituals of white magic.

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