How to conquer an impossible love

Do you have a platonic love? Are you all the day thinking about someone who barely knows that you exist? Or someone who is already committed to another person? I know it may be a desperate situation. But the main thing is to keep calm, and know that there is a solution. If this is your situation, today I bring you something that can really help you: are two spells to conquer an impossible love. In this article you will learn how win an impossible love using recipes of sorcery and white magic: easy, safe and effective.

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How to conquer an impossible love

How to conquer an impossible loveThere is little chance that these spells to turn against you, or that have negative consequences. However, with that said, the power of love is a powerful force and should be used with care. I.e., be sure to be 100% determined to see the results that you expect to see, as sometimes there is no turning back.

Although these spells and love binds are easy to make, they are often much more difficult to break, and spells to counter the effects of these spells often must be executed many times until they take effect.

Spell to win an impossible love


  • Rose incense
  • Rose Candle
  • Three-wire (choose colors according to the type of person you have in mind, e.g. red for love and passion, Orange, green for luck for attraction... but actually you can use any color that you feel appropriate).

After plotting your magic circle, light the candle and the incense, and think about the person you want to attract. Imagine him physically, and think in your mind of their character traits. Take the three threads and tie them together. To do this, keep your imagination, and sing something that comes to your mind, can be a love song, or something that you invent in the moment, or you remember the person in question. The song always is better when it is customized, otherwise, arises less from the heart.

Make sure you twist the wires as well as possible, not to be neglected. When you have finished, you will have single-stranded wire. Tie nine knots in it. If you've already tied one to start the braid, only ata eight knots, so you'll have nine knots total. Then tie the string around your ankle.
When the cord falls, you've attracted your impossible love.

Single tie: as an impossible love conquer

This spell will make your impossible love is set more in you, by invoking the goddess Aphrodite. You will begin to feel attracted by you, and perhaps even time fall in love with you. For this binding you will need:

  • A red candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • Something that remember your love

Take the candle and rub it with oil of any type. Light the wick and brings to your mind and your body this person (holding the object that reminds you of him or her) then pronounce this incantation:

"Goddess Aphrodite, I here invoke,
Please grant me this wish,
That (name of your lover) will fall in love with me."

After you do this, it turns off the candle. Alternatively, for best results, leave it extinguishes by itself.
The object that you remember the person does not have to belong or be a part of he or she, can be something that you have, no matter how big or small, that you remember this person.

Here concludes this article about How to conquer an impossible love. Please continue browsing this website for more information on white magic and witchcraft.

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