Easy Love Spells for Beginners

Love easy to make. If there is one thing that makes us famous witches... is our ability to make spells. For those who newly come to the world of magic and witchcraft, it may be surprising that spells do not necessarily imply make bubbling potions in a cauldron and utter magic words with a wand and broomstick.

Homemade witchcraft is actually something rather simple and, if you follow the rules, often quite effective. Yes, friends, as with all things, the magic has certain rules to follow, and if you do not respect them you will see immediately how each spell you do turns against you. And that is not a game.

Today we will see that there are actually many love easy to make and that you can start on your own, working with ingredients and homemade items, to achieve your own objectives, completely free and effective.

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Love easy to make: the rules

The most important rule:

Easy Love Spells for BeginnersWhile you do not harm anyone, you can do whatever you want.
In a nutshell, this rule, part of the Wicca, means that you have freedom to do and get everything that you want using the magic, provided that neither you nor anyone else out injured or suffer a loss in the process. To get rid of all the misconceptions you may have heard about curses, hexes, or the use of any type of magic to exact revenge. Even the most simple love spells can be dangerous. If they're trying to do is manipulate another person act in any way that is not normal, then the best is let read this article at this time. Free will is something very powerful and never should interfere with it.
The agreement has already been enough warning for now. We continue forward seeing love easy to make, which is what were looking for.

There are three main types of spells that everyone at some point we do, and don't worry if most of them fail. They are:
  • Love spells
  • Money spells
  • Luck and protection spells
The reasons because these spells fail are numerous, but most of the time is because you are simply reading the words of another person, and there is very little passion in that. If you can create your own sorcery, depending on your own needs personal in the moment, do that the spell is more personal and much more powerful.

Easy Love Spells: an example

Here I bring you a spell of love easy to make that I hope that you can adapt for your own purposes. The words and Visual images that I have when I write them will not be the same as when you the read, so do not try to repeat all the spell word by Word.
Here we go!

Easy love spell

Note: This spell was created four years before relocating to a new city, and three months after that I met my current partner.

On your altar or coffee table, if you don't have one, place a red candle and a white candle. Make sure you have a kind of pot or another container to fire-proof, to which you will add a bit of sand (helps absorb the heat).

On a sheet of parchment or fine writing paper, write down the qualities of the person that you would like to attract into your life. The color of ink can be important, so used red or pink if possible. Read this guide for more information: candle spells introduction and guide.

When you've finished writing, you focus on the words and try to imagine how this person makes you feel, what would you like to do together, and allow yourself to feel happy. If you manage to feel happy, you're creating something wonderful and sending that message to the universe.

When you are ready, turn on the sheet of paper with both sails and pronounce something like:

"I ask the gods (or the universe) that I send to the person I want,
I ask that they fill my life with this love.
It doesn't matter if this requires some time,
"I know that it finds me, just as I am looking for".

If you are like me, and you don't really care if the gods or the universe send you a couple male or female, feel free to mention this in your spell. The truth is that there is a flame twin waiting for each of us. It doesn't matter which, provided they can shine brightly together.

Put the paper in the container fire proof, orders your space, and then relax.

Here concludes this article about Easy Love Spells for Beginners. Continue browsing this website to discover more informative articles on white magic and witchcraft. Follow us on Facebook to receive news and updates.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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