Blood spells: everything you need to know about the magic of blood

Blood spells are dangerous. The sorcerer or sorceress uses the power that lies within this physical substance, it is the blood. With this power, you can give way to real that has formed on the inside of his mind. Force a change in the world requires a lot of willpower and enough self-discipline to control the subtleties of these arcane knowledge.

More important still requires sufficient will use the power of the blood. A witch who wants to use  blood as part of their rituals or spells has to rid of social and cultural beliefs in order to fully explore the potential of spells with blood.

Blood spells: everything you need to know about the magic of blood
Spells with blood can be striking. They can be used to absorb the life energies of other people, cursing them with diseases or even clean and cure their diseases. Spells with blood can also be incredibly subtle. Reform the world to fulfill his will requires more than striking appearances. It needs time, effort, determination and transformation of the subtle forms that are in the essence of all things deep them. The blood magic intends to create a State of control over oneself and the world that surrounds us.

Try this spell of love with blood of menstruation

How to work with blood spells

Blood spells are a type of magic that is reinforced by the use of blood during the ritual. Through the use of essences that reside within blood, a witch is able to enhance the effect of the spell, as it adds more power to the own spell with his blood. Without it, the spell is not more or less than any other spell. With the blood, the spell is loaded with a huge amount of energy. Because of this, the witch is able to use its own maximum power, coming of the power that resides within his blood. These things combine to increase the potency of any spell without limits. Spells with blood are difficult but powerful, allowing those with enough discipline, patience and power to achieve results very potently and powerful.

About magic with blood

Blood is something very powerful, human hemoglobin, as well as physical substance, which gives life, as well as a tangible instrument of witchcraft and psychic work. Almost all religions emphasize the use of blood in rituals ("This is the blood of Christ", during the Christian Eucharist, for example), but, unfortunately, other pagan communities have terrible stories of blood sacrifices.

Rituals and magic with blood

The main problem with the old use of blood in some rituals of magic was almost always used in excessive quantities, and to get these amounts, it was inevitable to take it of involuntary participants. Blood is something surprisingly powerful, and it seems that the early pagan priests must have operated following the logic that "If a little is good, much it is better".

They were wrong. Blood, when used with the right words, rituals, herbs and in the correct phase of the Moon, certainly adds great power to the procedure, but if the blood of an unwitting victim uses the results could be similar to a powerful car out of control at high speeds - can go to where the driver wants, but then could get out of the road and do a huge amount of damage before stopping.
Which brings us to the first and most important "rule" for the use of blood in the magic - must be your own blood which uses. The person who is doing a spell with blood, the realization of the ceremony or the spell, is the individual who has the power--and therefore, he or she currently has the most powerful blood, and must not be afraid to spill a few drops. The blood of anyone else will be as effective as the blood of the person who is doing the magic.

How much blood can we use?

Like most things in metaphysics, blood is a very powerful symbol, and a little will travel a long way. Will be subject to a little bit of pain (especially in our comfort-oriented culture) and the Act of detachment of precious bodily fluids can add huge forces that have little relation to the actual amount of blood that you use. It would seem that more Gore, less can one focus on the Act and its true meaning, and after some point, some people are simply tired and try to let the power of the blood if it does all the work. Here is where HP begin to out of control. Those who work with blood spells must have control at all times, with the mind to concentrate and direct the force of the blood used. So a few drops are certainly sufficient for any imaginable ritual - at least if the participants have the responsibility to achieve a positive outcome.

When should I use blood in rituals?

The use of blood in a spell or incantation is something very serious. A sorcerer or witch cautious would use a spell with blood in mundane contexts (if the blood work to win the lottery we would all be rich instantly). The consensus seems to say that the blood must be used only to protect human beings from the serious threats to their lives and health. This does not mean that a spell of blood must be used to protect themselves from a colleague working annoying but harmless, or even a boss who can be writing your letter of dismissal. There are other methods of protection and if these do not work with the worldly problems, perhaps is the own karma that is going through a difficult time.

Rituals with blood will make you and your loved ones remain alive and healthy, but prosperous and powerful. Blood is something elementary and basic, and should only be used for the foundations, which do not include money and prestige. Did your partner buy a motorcycle that comes to 300 kilometers per hour? By all means, get a blood spell by this person. Is a loved one facing an operation or surgery? Once again, a blood spell may be the most appropriate in this situation.

Blood Spell for Love

This is a Pact of love, a spell of love coming from your essence, your blood. Formerly was believed to be our soul which ran through our veins liquid red, after all was an idea so far-fetched if we link the death to the heart stop pumping it. Even today some religious groups refuse blood transfusions, and not because of a health issue.

Blood Magic summarizes your whole being. After going through every millimeter of your body knows you better than anyone else and you condensed all your complexity. Your habits, personality, your ancestors. And we cling to that old soul belief = blood in a more poetic sense, point of view from which never ceased to be true. Runs through our veins the desire, the momentum, hatred and love. And to seal a desire that it ceases to be specific when we finished to pronounce it, we signed it with our blood.

You need a paper, a dove (the most faithful bird that exists) pen that can write, salt, a needle, nine drops of blood that you carefully remove your finger ring, nine rose petals and a pink candle.

At one crescent moon night, set yourself up in a warm and quiet place with the lighted candle front yours, parchment and blood in a small bowl. Grab pen and write on parchment, the most passionate letter that you can conceive of. Think carefully each phrase, is a Pact of love and it can happen that morning later you can repent. Then off the candle and rose petals keep the letter in the envelope along with the 9. Hide it in a secret place and save it until your desire comes true.

Blood Spells: conclusions

Blood spells is very effective for human beings - people, loved, trees and Earth. It is recommended to do a blood spell for every life, however, or the power is diluted. The charms of blood for inanimate objects confuse the issue - only seem to work on living substances. In addition, the inanimate objects may be more well protected in other ways; If our car gets damaged, we can always fix it or if so buy a new one. Here comes into play our financial protection, does not necessarily make it the car itself. On the other hand, a living thing, a person, can not always get completely well from surgery or illness.

And a last warning: blood spells have a bad public image, and the majority of the people can't hear beyond the word "blood" without cover the ears. Best to maintain focus in the magic light and positive, keeping the heaviest thing for oneself or within a close group, and only offer to make an incantation or blood spell to people that you're sure to understand you.


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  1. i think this is the most dangerous spell

  2. So I burned my ex's pictures and some meaningful art I made of him with salt (like how the Romans would salt the earth to prevent anything grow again. I wanted closure) and alcohol (he's an alcoholic). I also just realized a few drops my blood were on one of the papers. I also burned the shirt I wore when we first kissed. Did I accidentally put some sort of curse on him?