How to make a spell of love with a photo

How to make a spell of love with a photo. Here you will learn How to make a spell of love with a photo. This type of homemade spells works as any other love spell, which used only as a resource a photograph so that you don't have to expend mental energy in view the person you want to bind in your mind while you run the spell of love.

To learn how to do spells with photos at home, you will need:

  • A photo of yourself
  • A picture of the person you want to Captivate
  • White or red wire
  • White or red candle (must be the same color as the thread)
  • Needle

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How to make a spell of love with a photo

This ritual should be the waxing moon. He lights a candle in white or red. Keep a picture of the person you want to tie with this spell. In the back of the photograph he writes in a column:

  • Your name
  • Below, draw a plus sign (+)
  • The name of the person
  • A horizontal line
  • Draw a heart
  • Draw a cross
  • Write "Amén"

Keep the picture facing you. Now you have to take a picture of yourself. This part is crucial to learn How to do a spell with a photo. Starting at the lower left corner, sew the edge of both images to the right, giving stitches with wool yarn. The thread must not be black. It is best to use a white or red, respectively according to the color of the candle that you used. At the end of the thread, leave hanging, approximately 10 cm from the penultimate stitch length and returns with the thread where is the first, the needle leaves you in the front and then the last stitch on the front again.

Cut the thread so both ends have the same length. It binds tightly these tips. The ends of the thread are not cut, are left hanging. Wrap the photo in a clean white paper, non-branded. Seal it using the candle wax that you've turned on, while you say "So". In any case, it must be seen through the eyes of another person, especially the person involved in this love spells with a photo.

This spell is simple and homely, but must be repeated three times to ensure its fluidity and perfection, therefore, it may need several pictures of the same person to perform the spell correctly. It is important to always keep the images in a secret place, where no one is going to find them, but you don't have to destroy them.

This is one of the most successful strategies used by experienced sorcerers. I use the image to represent mentally the person in question. I've used these spells for a long time and all of my clients when they provide me the appropriate images are successful with their spells quickly. With patience and practice, you'll see that the photos can be used in all kinds of magic spells.

Here ends this basic homemade recipe to learn How to do a spell of love with a photo. Discover more love spells browsing this Website, or leave a comment with your experience here below. Remember to share these spells with your contacts and follow us through social networks.

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