The magical power of cumin

Since ancient times the cumin has been very precious, since it has both healing properties for the body as magical functions of protection. Know how to use it.

Cumin is one of the many spices that they come from the North and centre of Europe and Asia and is grown from the middle ages. Both the leaves and the seeds are eaten in their culinary use. But it also has a great esoteric and healing value of certain disorders of the body which gives it extra power. Today we will see the magical power of cumin.

Ritual uses of cumin

Cumin seed has a power guard against theft, as it is considered that has the "gift of retention", which prevents that any object that contains it is stolen.
If you want to protect a place – your home or business - can burn a little cumin with incense, mixed with salt and spread it on the ground to ward off evil.
In the past, in Germany, it was customary to wear tied around their necks a small bag full of cumin to fend off evil spirits. This superstition is alive in some villages in which the brides carry cumin to keep negative forces from the wedding.

In love spells, ground cumin, is placed inside a bag, and gives a lover or partner to foster loyalty.

Wet with wine seed used to make love potions and ignite the passion. Put in a bottle of white wine a few cumin seeds, let stand and drink the elixir of love with your partner; the effect is amazing and delicious.

Cumin was regarded by the Egyptians as one of four exciting or aphrodisiac - seed along with anise, fennel and coriander - and, therefore, they put it as an offering in the tombs of the Pharaohs.

Healing properties of cumin in the body

It is consumed as an aperitif, as a bowel stimulant and stomachic tonic. It is useful for digestive problems, eating disorders and to a lesser extent is administered as a spasmolytic, diuretic and sedative soft. It is indicated for problems of loss of appetite, slow digestion, gastrointestinal spasms, breastfeeding, menstrual disorders and intestinal parasitosis.

How to prepare: do digestive infusions to take after meals; that will help to regulate intestinal function and contribute to the disappearance of the excess gas.

Here ends this article about the magical power of cumin. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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