The magical secrets of the lavender

With these magical Lavender secrets, attracts good luck, success and the bad influences away.

Lavender is a Mediterranean herb and is associated with the idea of cleaning since the Romans began to use it in their baths. In fact, the name comes from the latin lavandus, which means "to wash". According to a Christian legend, lavender originally had no odor, but since the Virgin Mary dried diapers of the infant Jesus on the leaves of this plant, it won a heavenly fragrance.

The energetic power of lavender

Lavender is well known in the world of aromatherapy, perfumes and cosmetics. In addition important healing properties as soothing, restorative, cleansing and healing to their exquisite smell. For this reason, it is used in the treatment of anxiety, acting as a natural relaxing and hypnotic properties, it is widely used as a sleep inducing.

The magical secrets of the lavenderLavender can be grown from seeds that are planted during the autumn in mild climates and in early spring in colder areas.

This plant provides energy and psychic well-being. It gets away fears, insecurities and stimulates the mind. It is also the most effective in relaxation of brain waves and helps to reduce stress.

Its aromatic stimuli generate a harmonizing presence. After a busy day you can use aromatic furnaces with this fragrance. Its sweet, floral and vegetal aroma will release the tensions of the day, especially if the environment, either the home or work, is very overloaded.

Magic is used often in spells of protection for home and away bad energy. In this site you will find Lavender in spells and white magic rituals, always in order to join the spirit of the spell pa and welfare.

Very tough, you need lots of light and direct sunlight, although in winter it supports well the frost. Grow smoothly in pots and planters, must therefore take to grow it at home, with much or little space it is possible to have it close and hand to take advantage at all times of their innumerable properties.

Here ends this article on magical secrets of lavender. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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