Forgetful Spells, how to forget someone

In the next article, we will see forgetful spells. Although the remembering and forgetting are part of the spirit of a person, is often possible to make someone forget a thing or a fact if we carry out this ritual carefully, since projected energies in it can produce forgetfulness of a fact, or action, on a person we know.

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How to make a person forget

Forgetful Spells, how to forget someoneItis  a simple spell, but must be performed as shown or will not work.

First, we must take a white paper and write, with black ink, the fact or action that we want it to be forgotten and the person who should be forgotten.

Then, we will light a red candle in the center of a circle made with chalk. Then we have to approach the paper to fire and burn it.

As long as the candle burns, repeat these words

"that will unravel the time
and dispose the memory
the time and weather
becomes to disarm.
Forget the bad things
and the lived facts
And now forget pains"

When we are saying the prayer we must focus on the person and the fact that we want to be forgotten, trying to visualize the forgetfulness in the minds of the other person. We will leave consuming the candles, and the rememberings of the person we choose will wipe out of his mind.

Now let's look another spell to produce forgetfulness.

Spell to forget something or someone

The following forgetful spell is an easy homemade one. It's useful when we want to make a person or group of people forget a fact completely.

You will need:

  • 7 white candles
  • A slate
  • White chalk.
  • Paper and pencil

In the center of our altar or purified place of our house, we will have a slate. We will light the 7 candles around it, forming a Crescent. Once completed, we will write on the Blackboard with chalk the fact that we want to be forgotten. Finally, we write on paper the names of the people who we want to be affected by our spell. Place the paper under the slate.

As all spell, this ritual of forgetfulness must be carried out with utmost concentration, from beginning to end, putting all our energies on the slate and candles.
Place us at the altar and say:

"With this spell
forgetfulness will come,
No memory will be,
and everything will be
as it was."

Recite this prayer and light out the candle. Then light other candle and recite it again. Thus up to the seven candles. Finally, erase the slate, and with the words written on it also erase the memory of the people in the paper.

This spell will produce forgetfulness of the fact the person we want.

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Here ends the article on forgetful spells. Please continue reading this site to find out more spells of love and rituals to forget.


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