Spell to forget a love

Almost everyone knows what it feels when someone you love rejects you. It hurts a lot, and you know that if there is any way to change it you would. The following is a spell to forget a love and works exactly for that. You can also use this spell to overcome an impossible love or to forget a bad love. I call it the spell for love hurts. It will work to forget about that person that you love.

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Spell to forget a love

All things sooner or later come to an end, and these things should be left behind in the past, so the best is to preserve good feelings and happy moments with us, and to get out the remains of things that need to be left behind. This ritual to forget a love is from my own book of love spells and operates to forget a bad love as a past good relationship, and get rid of the pain of breaking with someone that you've left behind.
All you need is a picture of your ex-partner, a lighter (or matches), a bitter-sweet root and a red fabric bag. I discovered that this spell works better if done on nights with waning moon or new moon. Do this when the night is quiet, and you will not interrupt anyone. Place the picture of your ex in the container and fire him. While it becomes ash, meditate in the pain and suffering that you have felt, leaving it will also become ashes and powder. Pronounce the following incantation with conviction:

"I leave my pain,
While sales of my life.
I leave the past behind
And you become ashes."

Repeat this spell until the image has been made ashes. Now you should throw these ashes so far away from home as possible, or bury them in a remote location along with your pain and all the bad memories.

Before going to sleep at night, takes the bittersweet root and place it on your forehead (the third eye place). It is always better to let out all the emotions before, while doing the burning, but if you feel the need to cry or scream and let out the last remnants of remorse, do not hesitate to do so now. Leave the root to absorb all your bad energy, then wrap it in red cloth or put it in the cloth bag, tying it with three knots, and then place it under the pillow or under the mattress near the head. Sleep with this there until your ex either a piece of your dead past, and does not affect you at all.

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Here ends this spell to forget a love. Use it according to the instructions very carefully and you can overcome and forget a bad love. Continue learning and navigating this blog to discover more spells for love, and hundreds of free recipes home of witchcraft . Share with your friends on facebook and followers on tweeter if you find it useful.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

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