Magical properties of spices

Throughout history the seeds have been used for different purposes: as protection, to scare away evil spirits, attracting fortune and love.

Spices are not simply an attachment to enhance the flavor of foods, they possess an energy that makes them singular when used with esoteric and magical purposes. Its power lies in the capable of transporting intoxicating aroma who smell it to distant and unimaginable places and thus attract his great magical strength.


Magical properties of spices
Garlic has been used for some time as an amulet of protection against evil spirits, blood thirsty vampires, thieves and robbers, enemies, sorcerers, Furies of mother nature and disease. Before it was a custom among the sailors have garlic on Board of the boat to prevent disasters at sea. Garlic is sacred to the goddess Hecate, by which each year at midnight on 13 August (date is celebrated the pagan festival of Hecate), many witches used to let garlic as an offering of sacrifice in the name of Hecate.


It has the powers to discover hidden treasures, reveals secret passages and opens closed doors. It can be used to increase well-being. If you want to attract money, fill a small pan with sesame seeds when the moon begins to grow and leave it uncovered in your home.


Since ancient times the Basil has been used in the arts of magic and divination of love. If a promised woman wondered if her future marriage will be happy or unhappy, all you need to do is put two fresh leaves of Basil with a hot stone coal and then observe their reactions. If burn calmly and immediately become ashes, it means a happy marriage. If leaves fiercely Thunder while they are burned, indicates an aggressive husband. If they break and fly apart, is ominous, because it indicates that the marriage will end with a bitter divorce. In addition, Basil is used in spells to increase well-being, keep to evil, exorcise ghosts and demons of haunted places and possessed people and attract good luck.


Saffron was used by the incas to attract wind. Many contemporary witches often use saffron in the love and healing spells. An infusion of Saffron, prepared and drink when the Moon is full and the astrological sign of PISCES, says that he causes premonitions.


Cinnamon is added to the bags and potions and burned as incense in spells to attract money, cure a disease, facilitate clairvoyance and protect someone from evil intentions or negative energies of others.


The cloves are normally burned as incense magic to exorcise ghosts, evil and negative vibrations purify a ritual space, attract love, attract money and put an end to the malicious gossip.


It is used to keep away evil and exorcise ghosts of haunted homes. This spice is also used for ceremonies of love, or to provoke feelings of lust in another person and keep lover faithful.
Any object containing cumin seeds is magically safeguarded against theft.


Turmeric is used routinely to: govern others, trust, value, exorcism, passion, sensuality, breaking spells and strength. In the Hawaiian Islands, where turmeric is known as olena, the grass any time was used in rites of purification of the Kaunas, initiated practitioners of an ancient esoteric tradition known as Huna, or ancient knowledge.


Dill has been considered for a long time as a herb of protection. It is used for many centuries as an herbal amulet to carry sorcery, breaking curses away demons and malevolent spirits. It is said that elves do not approach a house or garden where it is grown dill. To keep children safe while they sleep and dream, you place a bag I said full of dill in their cribs or beds.


Ruled by the Sun and the element fire, laurel is a herb that once the priestesses of Apollo used to magically inducing prophetic visions. To see the future through dreams, sleep with laurel leaves between your pillow. Laurel has been used for a long time for protection and purification. Use a bag of Bay leaves away bad luck, evil forces and prevents the wearer from being crossed by a ray; hang it one in a window prevents the rays hit the House.


Mustard seeds are traditionally used in the protective magic. To keep the spirits of evil, negative influences and witchcraft away from his house, an old Italian recipe suggests that it spread mustard seeds on the threshold of the friezes of all windows and doors.

Here ends this article on Magical properties of spices.

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