New year rituals around the world

New year rituals. Although calendars are a human creation and differ around the world, the cycle of life is a constant, and the new year is a powerful time to say goodbye to what has happened and establish our intentions for what is to come.

In today's article we will see some popular new year rituals in various cultures and magical traditions of the world. Finally I will teach you a simple ritual for new year's Wiccan Eve with which we give thanks for what we have and we attract into our lives what we want.

Rituals of new year

New year ritualsIt is interesting to see what kind of ritual for new year are made in different parts of the world. Some of the traditions that have come down to us are the following:

At midnight, it is customary to eat quickly 12 grapes, one on each stroke of the clock Bell. Each of them represents good luck during a month of the coming year. According to tradition, believes that eat is the twelve grapes to the beat of the bells will have a prosperous year.

People here predict his fortune for the year that comes pouring Tin smelted in a container of water and playing as the metal takes after harden. A heart or ring represents a wedding, a boat stands for travel. a pig means lots of good food, i.e. prosperity.

As part of the rituals of new year, unmarried women tend to play different games to predict who will receive a marriage proposal in the new year. In one of the games, a pile of corn is placed in front of every woman and a rooster is released. Regardless of the battery that first rooster, approaching shows what a woman will be the first to marry.

The rounded shapes, which represent coins, symbolize prosperity. There are lots of round fruits on tables in the dining rooms. Some people eat a dozen fruits precisely at midnight. Moles also believed that they attract good luck, so feel free to use them to decorate your home or your dress this new year.

People for in chairs and jumping from them at the same time, just at midnight to banish evil spirits and attract good luck.

In what they call Hogmanay, the first person to cross the threshold of a house in the new year should bring a gift for good luck. In the town of Stonehaven, one of the rituals of new year's Eve is to perform parades with great balls of fire, like torches.

Puppets of known people are erected and burned at the stake of new year. The dolls represent the old year and the burning of them drives away evil spirits.

They used to try to eat seven times on new year's day to ensure that the food would be abundant throughout the following year, but was counterproductive because often there was not enough food. Today, it is a capital of the party in Europe, and people used to stoke up alcohol instead.

Central and South America
A famous ritual of new year here is to use special color underwear. In places like Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela. For example, red represents love and yellow means money.

Other rituals of new year

Traditionally, at the stroke of midnight, the English open the back door to let the old year out, and asked the first man with dark hair that pass, entering through the front door carrying salt, coal and bread. This means that the following year everyone in the House will have enough to eat, money and heat.

Probably the hottest custom takes place in Italy. Both men and women traditionally wear red underwear, as we said to bring good luck in love. To ensure relationships in the new year, a romantic night on new year's Eve is also required. A traditional dish served in tonight is pork and lentils: symbolize the abundance of life and fortune.

Something different happens on the eve of new year in Czech Republic. Here there are to make sure that there is no meat in the skillet. Why? Due to the fact that once had legs, and this will make that luck wants to jump or fly away! Dishes with fish are not recommended, due to fear that luck could go swimming. This is why the Czechs tend to eat lentils or peas soup. According to tradition, a person can ensure a good financial situation for the next year.

In Denmark it is a good sign to find your gateway heaped with a pile of broken dishes. The old dishes are stored throughout the year and are thrown at the gates of the houses of friends for good luck. Find a big pile of dishes in the morning of January 1 means that you have a lot of friends and you're going to have good relations throughout the year.

Wiccan New year ritual

Samhain is the Wiccan new year is traditionally called. You can perform this ritual in the days or nights prior to the new year in your new year's calendar.

What you need for the Wiccan new year ritual is:

  • Pen and paper
  • Incense (preferably Sage or citronella)
  • A black candle
  • A chalice and water
  • An any size quartz crystal
  • A small vial

Sit or get standing in a quiet, comfortable place where you can create a sacred space to perform this ritual, or use your altar if you have one. Focus on your breath, calm the mind and soul, and when you feel relaxed and at peace, you can begin.

Write about the piece of paper briefly what you propose for the new year coming. Are you looking for adventure, love, friendship, happiness, financial stability? Write briefly, but accurately. Focus on what you want most without leaving no detail to chance. It is a good sign if the writing you feel a warm and fuzzy feeling of excitement inside!

So let's start with the ritual. First we call the elements one by one.
Air: He lights incense, ideally Sage (for cleaning) or citronella (for cleaning and healing). Say

"God and goddess, mother and father,
I thank them for all that I have.
The past, I cleanse with air
I prepare for a prosperous new year
For the Supreme good."

Let the incense to fill the air while you leave that heaviness or any negativity out of your energy field. Display a bright Rainbow to your around, growing increasingly brighter and more colorful with each breath.

Say "Thank you."

For the fire: A black candle lit (based on bee wax, if possible). Black color absorbs negativity and destroys it, connects with self-control and endurance, and provides strength and support in the manifestation of our ritual. It is also a color of Samhain. While you light the candle, contemplates what has crossed throughout the year that will be, and will focus on the release of any luggage of energy that you can be taking now, disintegrating through the transformer fire. Then view the fire attract energy and sparkle to your future.

"God and goddess, mother and father,
I thank them for all that I have.
With fire, I turn on the future,
I prepare for a prosperous new year
For the Supreme good,"

Leave the candle lit until you have finished the ritual.

Say "Thank you."

For water: Holding the Cup and fill it with water. Place your hands around the Cup and hold it gently, feeling its weight, let your energies merge and mix with the water. Fill your heart with gratitude for water, its power of purification and its properties that give life. It lifts the chalice and say:

"God and goddess, mother and father,
I thank them for all that I have.
With the water I life,
I prepare for a prosperous new year
For the Supreme good,"

Now drink the water. Pay attention to the feeling that there is in your body, cleaning, revitalizing, energizing.

Say "Thank you."

For the Earth: Holding the piece of paper and wrap it around the Quartz, which will help the manifestation of your desires. Keep it in your hands and say:

"God and goddess, mother and father,
I thank them for all that I have.
With the Earth manifest wishes,
I prepare for a prosperous new year
For the Supreme good,"

Place it in the bottle and keep it in a safe and quiet place.

Say "Thank you."

Now thanks the elements for their presence and assistance, and send them on their way by hitting the ground / Earth three times.

Spend some time visualizing that you have already expressed your wishes on the piece of paper. Feel the butterflies of the joy or the calm satisfaction that you fill. Hold on to that feeling to close the ritual and start the new year.

Here concludes this article about rituals of the new year. Continue browsing this website to discover more white magic and wicca magic. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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