Santeria Religion: make amulets and necklaces

How to make amulets that will help you to enhance our personal energy with santeria religion?

Necklaces are not only decorative jewels; but, also, magical elements. The Kings, Pharaohs, and prophets have used pendants and breastplates with certain stones and elements that gave them attributes of power and protection.

Being close to the heart, the collar is one of magic ritual elements which acts as a shield. Like crosses, amulets and necklaces, if enshrined for that purpose, are a repellent bad spiritual energy and catalysts of cosmic force.

Make our own force necklaces will be printed on each count our personal energy and, by enshrining them in a ritual, we will increase your magic effectiveness.


Santeria Religion: make amulets and necklacesSanteria believes in a universal force that comes from all the created, which, typically, we call "God" and they call "Olodumaré". That divine energy which is printed on everything created is called "Ashé". That Ashe is, in turn, is awarded by the Orixas, deities, or "saints" that govern various aspects and ensure each mortal destiny fulfilled has marked since its birth on this earth.

Elekes necklaces

Within African American religions, the use of elekes necklaces is common. They serve as spiritual protection, repel the bad energy and grant the protection afforded by the Saint which corresponds.

It is necessary to avoid prejudice because there are no bad or good religions, but good and bad people. If you trust in the power of the Saints, remember that the yoruba religion has done a syncretism (synthesis) with his saints and Catholics, so, although it does not belong to the umbanda religion, santeria or any similar, can use them with respect to protection and positive energy. The elekes have accounts in different colors, according to the Saint to which they are dedicated.

5 Major Orixas


Syncretism: corresponds to Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes.
Attributes: soup tureen white, white metal objects, feathers of tambourines, Parrot, cotton, white eggs.
Necklace: beaded white.
Offerings: white rice with milk in eight saucers, granade, corn, millet and other grains, as well as any white meal and salt-free.


He is the owner of the keys of destiny, who opens and closes the roads at will. It is highly respected and feared since it is in his hand the fate of human beings. It has a childish, mischievous and unpredictable, so is the syncretized with the divine child of Atocha, although also represents San Antonio de Padua. This Orixa favors a lot serve them it with faith and respect.

Syncretism: the child of Atocha, San Antonio de Padua.
Attributes: all kinds of toys.
Necklace: beads red and black alternately one by one.
Offerings: sweets, fruit, yellow rice, honey, and all kinds of goodies.


Goddess of motherhood and the sea, this greater Orixa is mother and creator of life and of the orixás. Water, the source of life, is the most respected Orixá of the yoruba pantheon. She is going to attract fertility and protect the femininity.

When you are in the water, embodies the figure of a mermaid. It is protective of children and fishermen.

Syncretism: Virgen de Regla, Stella Maris.
Attributes: fish, boats, rudder, seahorses, sea snails, starfish and everything related to the sea.
Necklace: beaded blue and transparent or white, alternating 7 7.
Offerings: White and celestial, flowers, perfumes and jewelry. It likes very much since it is very flirtatious.


It is the Orixa of the justice, dance and virile strength. It represents the Joie de vivre, the intensity of life, male beauty, passion, intelligence, and wealth. This Orixa is one of the most loved in the yoruba pantheon. He is considered King of the warriors and the God of fire and lightning. He turns to it to protect themselves from enemies.

Syncretism: Santa Barbara.
Attributes: sword, double-axe, always light wooden painted all red with white decoration.
Necklace: beaded red and white alternating 6 of 6, until completing the 280.
Offerings: roasted corn, pumpkin, cane sugar, bananas, apples.


Is the Goddess of rivers, the owner of love and gold; creator of money, beauty, coquetry. It is the Venus of the yoruba pantheon. It protects marriage, represents sweetness, love, gold and sweet waters.

It the symbol of coquetry. Go to her to solve economic problems, and loving.

Syncretism: Virgen de la Caridad de el Cobre.
Attributes: a range of sandalwood, five gold bracelets, a half moon, two oars, a star, the Sun, and five small bells
Necklace: beaded yellow and transparent or color honey, alternating 5 on 5.
Offerings: shrimp, chard, onion, pepper, Escarole, olive oil, wine White dry and eggs, honey, yellow rice, cornmeal, all sweets and fruits of the river.


Once you have decided which Saint (Orixa) go, prepare the altar for the following elements:

A bowl containing holy water, brandy, honey, water, of river and sea, magical herbs such as lavender, rue, laurel, and Rosemary.
Thread the beads as shown for each Orixa. Once you have completed the collar, soak it in the bowl. Lift the bowl with the offerings and request its protection with all due respect to the Holy. Then remove the collar of the container with his right pinkie finger, and then place it around the neck.


Do not bathe with the collar.
Do not wear the collar when having sexual intercourse.
When not in use, hang it or wrap it in a white handkerchief, in a preferential site (remember that each one symbolizes an Orixa).
Once a year, immerse your collar on a white plate with coconut water and honey for 24 hours.

If the collar breaks, don't panic, means that picked up something negative and that has protected it. You will need to make a new one.

Here ends this article on Santeria Religion: make amulets and necklaces, read on my site to find more news from the Religion of Santeria, Umbanda, and many other magical recipes.

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