Effective spells for beauty

Effective spells for beauty

The spells of beauty that you'll find in this article are quite powerful. Since these spells are very similar among themselves at first impression, be sure to make the most suitable for you. Read the description of each spell of beauty until you find where you think it will work better for you.
If you do not make these beauty rituals with care, the desired effects may not appear and instead other effects may appear. If you try to make another ritual of beauty within a short period of time you can cancel some of the effects of the first spell. The time that these spells of physical beauty will have an effect, obviously depends on the ingredients used and the experience of who cast them.

Effective spells for beautyKeep in mind that if you do these spells for beauty on your own person, it will not be easy to undo them by yourself. Keep this in mind when you cast these spells of white magic for beauty.
These beauty rituals work in general to make the person on whom it is made, more or less attractive. These spells usually can not be reversed.

Be careful when throwing over one spell of beauty at the same time on the same person. Spells for beauty can often be counter-productive when you make one on top of another.

Spell of beauty with rose petals

This spell will make you more attractive, which will make you feel good about yourself. You will need the following for this spell:
  • 6 fresh rose petals
  • 6 pink candles
  • Lavender incense
Ritual for beauty
Fill your tub with warm or hot water (depends on your body temperature and your mood at the time). Spread the petals of rose water. Light pink candles around your bath, or as close as you can from the water, and then lights incense Lavender.
Once you are in the water, meditates and display the image you want to project. Relax and then pronounce the incantation:

"Earth, air, fire, sea,
The beauty of the Goddess 
starts to project on me".

Relax and continue to take the bathroom normally. Let's look at another home beauty ritual.

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Beauty Spell with a full moon ritual

This ritual of physical beauty will make people feel attracted to you. You will need the following for this spell:

  • 1 small hand mirror
  • 1 silver candle
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 orange candle 
  • Rose oil
  • Patchouli incense
  • Full moon

On the night when the Moon is full, you will have to find a quiet place outdoors. Light the incense and your three candles. Rub the rose oil on parts of your body that you want to change. Holding the mirror with one hand and hold it over the smoke of the incense, then lifting the mirror above your head, pointing the face of the mirror towards the moon.

Then recite this incantation:

"Wood and wind, breeze and fog,
Listen to the desire of this Princess.
Sacred Moon, load this mirror,
With your energy and beauty, to be your reflection.
Wrap me in your gentle glow,
Make me proud of your creation".

Look in the mirror. Visualize how you want to see, and how you want others to see you and react to you. Sings these words:

"Like a cocoon in spring,
Get my beauty to flourish".

Now, use the reflecting surface of the mirror to reflect the light of the Moon in parts of your body that you would like to change. When you have finished, wrapped the mirror in a dark cloth and keep it well. If the mirror is broken, also the spell will be broken. Blow the candles and incense.

Continue learning other white magic spells for beauty.

Effective beauty spell with blood

You will need the following for this spell:
  • 1 needle
  • 1 small piece of paper
  • 1 candle red or pink
Light the candle and pronounce the following incantation:

"Goddess Aphrodite
Listen to my plea,
Let my body looks perfect.
Let model my curves,
Beauty and youth without pain,
So I will find my true love".

Prick (or cut) your thumb and let go 3 drops of blood on the paper:

"This is my blood, this is my sacrifice,
And so you can give me what I ask,
This is my will"

Fold the paper with blood on it and burn on the fire of the candle. Finally, relax, meditate on your new lifestyle, and when you're ready, extinguish the candle. Remember that you must extinguish the candle without blowing it. Use your fingers or a metal spoon.

Some words on these spell for beauty

These effective beauty spells help to alter the way in which others see your body and your face.

For the most of the people, these spells will take some time before the effects can be seen. Although a spell can take only a few minutes to become, could take weeks or even months before results are seen.
This should be taken into account before launching the same spell of beauty twice, as you can delay the effects to several similar spells as a result of impatience.

Here concludes this article about effective beauty spells. Continue browsing this blog to discover much more spells for love, money, and health, share your comments and please recommend us on facebook and tweeter. Blessings!

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