Spell for separate a couple

Following is an effective spell to separate couples, especially useful for the case in which the person performing the spell want to be with one of those currently matched. Given the power of this spell to separate, should be used with care care and by carefully following the instructions. It differs from other spells and love spells to separate in that it involves the own desire of the person who wants to divide the couple in addition to the problems existing between masters.

The power of the spell to separate will largely depend on how powerful is the desire of the person who wants to separate the couple, since this feeling emanates part of the power of separation.

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Spell for separate couples

This spell to separate couples will get the relationship is destroyed

This spell of separation involves the following elements. Each has a mission in the spell so all of them are essential:

    Spell for separate a couples
  • A paper, which must write to each side the name of each Member of the couple who want to break.
  • Scissors for fitness which will bring to the spirit world: the definitive breakdown of the relationship.
  • Black pepper: will serve as magical vehicle which will introduce bitterness and resentment in the relationship to destroy, thus enabling the spell of separation.
  • The fire, which will consume those feelings of love that allowed the formation of the relationship in the first place, avoiding that the couple be ever reconciled permanently.
  • A metal container where a small fire can develop in a safe and controlled manner.

Then the spell should be performed exactly as follows to make it effective in separating the couple. It is important to follow each step carefully and following the above rules if you want to run the spell to separate. Any error or neglect will cause this to fail.

The names of both members of the couple are written on each side of a paper. The spell to separate will be more effective if the surnames of both members, in which case also must be written following the name are known.

The paper over the metal container in a place that allows to fire safely, without risk of fire is.

Then pour a pinch of black pepper on the paper. If it is poured over the center of the paper, the relationship will break by mutual agreement. If it settles on the name of one of the people, this will be that abandons the other, invaded new settlements of rejection towards her. It may happen that after place the pepper in a certain position of the paper is to move alone into one direction or another. This usually happens when there are strong disagreements within the relationship and pepper will reflect its position taken with those feelings. In these cases the spell of separation tends to be especially effective.

With scissors, cut the paper between both names, leaving each side. It is not necessary that both halves are equal, but it is essential that the names are completely separate and no letter will be on the side of the role of the other person you want to completely destroy the existing feelings. If the paper is cut in half, both members will find partner again with equal speed. If you leave one side larger than the other, the Member of the couple with the smaller piece will take longer to find a new partner and will suffer more with the break.

If the person who performs the spell to separate wish to be with one of the members of the couple, it must be the name of this on top of the other half. Otherwise they must be each on one side of the vessel.

Turns on fire to the contents of the container, in such a way that both papers burn completely to ash. Arden once means that the couple will break easily. If it is necessary to turn the papers again means that the relationship is strong and rupture will require more time.

In any case, the results will be visible in less than a month. It is important to know if any of the members of the couple has made a spell to dominate over the other. Spells to dominate offer resistance against spells to separate couples and make that you person victim of the spell is impossible to conquer through traditional methods of seduction. In this case, the spell of separation should be especially strict form. If you want to break out the effect of the spell of domination has found the element of tie on which rests this spell and destroyed completely. Attachment element may be a tie, a belt or a belt and will be held by the person who made the spell.

This spell for separation do not guarantee by themselves the person doing them will get the love of any person of the couple. If you want to get the love or instill the desire on one of the members must be a tie of love, specifically for that purpose. A powerful love combined with this spell to separate tie is the perfect weapon to achieve that desired person whose heart is now occupied by someone else.

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