Spell to become beautiful

Are you looking for a spell to become beautiful?
Many women have problems with self-esteem that are considered unattractive, although the physical attraction is not always the solution, feel beautiful and admired by others gives safety and satisfaction in itself.

There are many ways to increase the attractiveness in a woman and I don't mean just the physical part, but also the spiritual part.

To increase self esteem to you and make you look more beautiful and radiant than you are, there are different spells of love that I can help you, these spells will be in view of anyone you are completely beautiful.

Spell to become beautiful

Spell to become beautifulWhat you need to spell?

  • Incense in sticks (which prefer)
  • A round mirror
  • Photo or picture of how you would like to see you

There is person who I write saying that the incense sticks are hard to get, if you can use something else, yeah you can do it, in these cases can be used instead of wands,
Photo will be someone you feel is beautiful, can get it the image of any magazine or newspaper clipping.

Now don't think or say that this spell is bad because beauty steal someone else, that kind of spells are almost impossible to make, this spell that search is to harmonize your energy with the other person, so that people see you as beautiful.

You should also remember that the spell to be beautiful not change your body or hair like the of the image, that just looks in the films, this ritual only influences the energetic part.

Incense comes on and gets very close to your feet, you'll undress and you lie down on the ground, if the soil is too cold you can place something underneath, incense is below your feet, remember to place it at a safe distance to prevent accidents.

Photography will be on your left and right mirror, the mirror must be round, to give force to the spell I advise you leave the mirror overnight Crescent to the serene, clear is that this is done before the spell.

While the incense is said this incantation:

"Oh great mirror you're by my side, open doors for beauty and appeal that need me, makes my body something precious that people fall in love with just look, get my hands to hechicen with single touch, open doors to me and let me find my happiness"

This spell to be beautiful can be reinforced every month during growing, in terms of the image can change it to another person who you consider also appealing, if you are a man and you are thinking of doing it, do it no problem.

For today we ended with this spell to become beautiful. Continue reading this site more beauty spells, love rituals and health spells.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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