Church of Satan, the satanic religion

The Church of Satan is an official religious organization founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey (the black Pope). Being a  upporter of "Satanism" or "Symbolic Satanism", on the night of April 30 of 1966 founded the Church of Satan in California.

Despite the great popular belief about Satanism, the "philosophy" of Anton LaVey and his "Church" not might differ over this. Has nothing to do with making sacrifices or the figure of the devil-worshipping, but that Anton LaVey accused Christianity of being a blight on the land that haunts, represses and doesn't think millions of people, recalling the reflections of Friedrich Nietzsche and denying the figure of the devil or Satan as a real and describable entity as it is in popular beliefs and practically all religions. Thus accused Christianity of having used this idea to instill fear in people, making their largestbenefactor on Earth. Considers, therefore, to Satan as therepresentation of intelligence and humanity on Earth and refers to itsoriginal description according to the Bible, in which Satan was an angelof God and thought itself and rebelled against him. Satanism codifiedby Anton LaVey and the Church promotes the indulgence, the pride and justice. Denies regardless of Christianity, as well as renouncing the sacrifices and desecration that others proclaimed Satanic, which accused of being as stupid as Christians and play his same game, just on the other side.

Church of Satan, the satanic religion
Is called the follower of the LaVey Satanism simply "Satanist", althoughsome prefer to cite the "philosophical" aspect to distinguish them fromthose who believe in a deity. It should be stressed that the ideas shared by the followers points are not related to "demon worshippers". It rejects the notion of a duality between good and evil in this world, and sees the world from a relativistic point of view where, as well, everything is permitted and nothing can be banned because it is "human" and is the "intelligence"of the Earth that is "Satan".

It is possible that the misrepresentations of people of the common connection of the movement lies in that the "Church of Satan" has some dark hints that tend to be associated with Satanism in popular belief, as ritual clothing and the use of the stealth of Baphomet. All of this is studied and measured in a clear business purpose and collector who comes to the end and ultimately the objective of dissemination of these misunderstandings.

The Church of Satan has never given figures for its troops. Although they have never been very high, today there are an estimatedenvironment to the 2000 affiliates around the world, mainly in theUnited States. The Church of Satan is majority in the Anglo-Saxoncountries, while the Temple of Set and the worldwide Church of Satanicliberation, are Anglo-Saxon in European countries. It is far from being amass movement and now must face the concurrence of afro-amerindiasreligions that compete for the same religious space.

The Church of Satan is legally recognized in the United States.

Spin-offs of the Church of Satan

To date, there have been three major divisions in the bosom of theChurch of Satan:

Temple of Set: was created in 1975 by Michael Aquino, confidant of Anton Lavey. One of its primary text is The Book of Coming forth by Night, this book was written by Michael Aquino under the voice of the God.

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Temple of the Vampire: It was founded by Lucas Martel, close friend of LaVey in 1989. Despite splitting from the Church of Satan, he never raised a rough and violent dispute with the parent organization. Before,even today continuing the collaboration between the two groups.

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