The Wichcraft Symbols

symbols are language used by witches and warlocks to communicate between them. Artists have used these symbols as a universal form of communication. Symbols are also present in dreams. They say that symbols are universal, because apart from race or region of the planet, represent nearly always the same for all human.

The psychologist Carl Jung was a follower of Freud's theory and gave much importance to the symbols in the human psyche. He saw that all the myths and legends contained similar symbols throughout history.

Symbols send us messages, and also if we are smart we can through them send messages to others. The world of symbols is closely linked to the world of witchcraft and spells of magic.

Witchcraft Symbols

Some symbols have been used without knowing its meaning, are invitations that open doors to the spiritual world, and to have them or use them, ignorance we are allowing our home, our work or our relationships are contaminated. Often do not understand why our prayers are not answered, and the answer is that we have in our House, work, business, or in the place where we pray, symbols that contain ancient occult powers used by witches and sorcerers throughout the history of humanity, and that have the power to move people from Jesus, the sole and sufficient savior who can , with his absolute, free us from Satan and his hosts of evil power.

INVERTED PENTAGRAM: Symbolizes the morning star, name that Satan has taken for himself. Used in witchcraft and hidden rituals to exorcise evil spirits. It can be within a circle or not, in any way represents Satan.

ITALIAN HORN. Unicorn. It was introduced by the Druids of Scotland and Ireland. It is associated with good luck and good fortune. It is also used as the "evil eye". It also means that Satan will take control of your finances.

Nero cross: Also referred to as a sign of "love and peace". Another sign that is mocking Jesus. Also means: the ruins of the dead man. This symbol was embedded in some German poles Adolfo Hitler SS. (what could be doing this symbol of "love and peace" in their poles?

Sacred BEETLE: for some this Egyptian symbol means reincarnation. It is also the symbol of Beelzebub, Lord of the flies (Satan). If Satanists have it set, it means that they have power and source of protection.

SATANIC cross: Within the occult represents the three crowned Princes: Satan, Belial and Leviathan. It means complete subjection under Lucifer. The cross itself is a symbol of Satanic par excellence. A symbol that is accepted by all as a "Christian"

THE star and Crescent: Represents the Diana Moon Goddess, and the "morning star", the name of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12. Witchcraft used this symbol to show the way to Satanism uses it in the opposite direction to show the way to witchcraft.

Skull: Is the symbol of death and used to curse. In Satanic rituals, it serves as container for the blood of the sacrifices. It is used on several occasions by young in necklaces, rings and earrings. The negative influence is very strong in using them.

PYRAMIDS: Represents the Trinity of demonic idolatry: Nimrod (father) Semiramis (Mother Goddess) Tammuz (God son). States which evolve positive lightning and that concentrated cosmic powers. They are used as instruments of luck and divination, because supposedly they contain revelations and prophecies of the world. Watch out for the "decorations"...

ANKHA: It symbolizes fertility rituals. In addition, the spirit that is the power of the representations of the male and female union. It is also called "the seal of by life."

INVERTED cross: It symbolizes mockery and rejection of JESUS. Satanists are these crossings as necklaces. You can see it on the covers of their albums and Rock singers.

Here concludes this article about Wichcraft Symbols, I hope this is useful!

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