Voodoo zombies in Haiti: the true story

They were protagonists of horror films in the years 70 and 80, and today have been established in our society. We are talking about zombies, or known popularly as walkers or Reanimated corpses, they have taken over full of movies, music, and even philosophy, but what many people are unaware of is that in 1997 the journal The Lancet published an investigation of three authentic Haitian zombies.

The controversial research was carried out by the British anthropologist Roland Littlewood and the doctor Chavannes Douyon, who studied three individuals identified as zombies once they had apparently died. The Haitian explanation of how to create zombies involves the distinction between the different elements of the human being, including the body, the Gwo Bon Ankh (the vital principle), and the Ti Bon Ankh (representing something like consciousness and memory). In line with these beliefs is the fact that the consciousness and memory of the person can be split of the human being, can be captured and stored by a Boko, a type of spiritual Mage with the sole aim of cursing or help people to achieve their goals in a very unethical manner. Then, the zombies are there?

Science or Voodoo

Voodoo zombies in Haiti: the true storyEveryone knows of the existence of zombies mainly fiction, but for many people, both in Haiti as elsewhere in the world, the zombies are very real. The reality is that they are not simple silly, but they are something that should be taken seriously. The belief in magic and sorcery is widespread throughout Haiti and the Caribbean, often in the form of religions like santeria and Voodoo.

Haitian zombies is believed that they are people who are brought back from the dead (and sometimes controlled) through magical means by Voodoo priests called bokors or houngan. Sometimes, the zombification is enhanced as a punishment (instilling fear in those who believed that could be abused, even after the death), but sometimes the zombies have been used as slave labor on farms and sugar cane plantations. In 1980, a mentally ill, even said that had been kept captive as worker zombie for two decades.

For decades Westerners saw the zombies as monsters of fiction films, but in the 1980's the truth became known to the opinion published when a scientist named Wade Davis claimed to have found a powder that could create zombies, which provided a scientific basis for the stories of zombies. Davis does not believe in voodoo magic, but he believed that he had found something that could poison the victims into a State of zombification: a powerful neurotoxin called Tetrodotoxin, which can be found in various animals, including the puffer fish. Davis said that he had infiltrated the secret societies of bokors and obtained several samples of the zombie powder, which were then chemically analyzed.

Davis wrote a book on the subject entitled "the Serpent and the Rainbow", which was later made into a film by the master of horror and suspense Wes Creaven. For a time, Davis was widely recognized as the man who had been scientifically resolved the mystery of zombies. But Davis claims were later questioned by skeptical scientists who considered his scientific methods as little, pointing out that the zombie powder samples provided were not valid, and that the amounts of the neurotoxin contained in these samples were not high enough to create zombies. In addition, the doses used by the bokors would have to be exact, since too much toxin could easily kill a person. Then, many experts in Haitian magic noted that in addition to the powder to create zombies, also needed the magic used p0r witchers, a combination essential for zombies.

Voodoo Zombies: A phenomenon beyond the rational

As mentioned above, according to the principles of Voodoo, a dead person can be revived by a bokor or sorcerer. Zombies remain under the control of the bokor since they do not have their own free will. But apart from the scientific theory, there is also the belief of the existence of the astral zombie, a part of the human soul is captured by a bokor and used to improve their spiritual power.

The belief is based on controlling the soul of the person obligated to perform various tasks. Astral zombie is usually kept in a bottle or a skull inside. These elements can be sold to its customers for luck, healing or success in their businesses. It is believed that after a time the soul returns, so zombies are a considered to be an temporary spiritual entity. Salt can make return zombies to the Tomb, since salt and zombies, according to Haitian folklore, returns zombies into senses as legend says. Often, zombie attacks the bokor who created it or returns to his place of burial, and dies.

Then the question would be: zombies exist phenomenon is due to a chemical composition or is a phenomenon beyond the rational? We could find the answer in the behavior of the real zombies in Haiti. A respected Haitian doctor, use medical technology sophisticated, such as computed tomography, to examine a man who believed that he had been zombificado. He discovered some damage in parts of the brain, deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen, in other words, behaved as if his soul had been snatched.

We could continue its consideration of the many stories related to zombie phenomenon in Haiti. And although many people believe that zombies of Haiti are created by the Tetrodotoxin, there is a certain possibility that really the soul of the person is trapped after his death. As always each one will have their own opinion about the zombie phenomenon, but what is certain is that there really are.

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