Does White Magic really Work? Learn How to Make Real White Magic

Surely you've ever wondered if white magic really works, and learn white Magic. Today we will see some tricks simple so that you learn how to does white real magic, and will discover that the white magic works on love, money, and any aspect of your life that you want to influence. Let's take a look at how can you learn white magic.

Does White Magic work? How can I learn White Magic?

Magic itself is neither good nor bad, the intention of the sorcerer is described in terms of color. Black Magic is used to damage or destroy, while the white magic only works to serve good purposes or intentions. White magic spells: They are executed to heal and help yourself and others. If run properly, this type of spells bring light to the world in an uplifting manner, why so effectively the white magic works on love, health, and money. Create and conjure white magic spells focus your thoughts and intentions as if you send all your energy into the universe. There are so many ways to conjure spells as people who practice it, but there are some basic guidelines on how to make real white magic, which can provide a general framework for creating your own rituals and spells of white magic.

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How to make real white magic: the beginning 

Real White MagicIf you want to know how to learn real white magic without having to go to a specialist. You need first to create a space that is sacred in your House or your personal space. It is a place where you feel relaxed and calm. Put a small table and cover it with a white cloth. This will serve as the altar for the execution of the spells. The color of the fabric can be changed according to the spell to be cast: white magic in love works best with a cloth of color pink or red, for the money it should be green, and to achieve professional goals should be yellow. White represents peace and protection and is a good color in general.

Let's see how white magic works. The next thing is to decide what is your intention. What do you want to achieve? You must be as specific as possible. It is better to say: "I want a clean skin and healthy hair", than: "I want to see me better". Remember, this is white magic, and its purpose must be for the good of another person or yourself. The white magic works when you eliminate any trace of the negativity of your thought process.

Light candles depending on the appropriate color and the purpose of the spell. Learn about the colors of the candles here: spells with candles: introduction and guide. Select herbs, glass, incense or essential oils to help invoke the appropriate spirits and concentrate the energies. For example, lavender, vanilla, and honeysuckle are elements that the white magic uses all the time to make rituals for  love. A common tool is the ritual dagger or athame. The dagger is used to draw the circle ritual and is never really used to cut anything.

How to make real white magic: the spell 

Write the spell. Give it a name according to what you must do, is make it rhyme. When you have finished, keep it private, since this maintains the focused energy and prevents any negativity affect your work. The spell can be as long or as short as you want. If you are having problems, borrow an ancient spell. You can find many spells on this page.

It decides when to cast your spell. Many people prefer to cast spells when there is a full moon, which is when there is more energy available for work. However, this is not always convenient. You can cast a spell at any time, however, to make it as effective as a full moon spell, you may have to issue it more than once. We continue seeing how to make real white magic.

Draw the circle. The space that you're using to cast the spell should be cleaned and be sprinkled with seawater before use. Once done, use the athame, a wand or finger to draw a large circle around you - approximately two meters in diameter. If you wish, you can define the outline of the circle with candles or stones.

How to make real white magic: the invocation

The white magic works best if you summon to the four elements. Start looking eastward and asking air to be with you in your spell and take care of you while you work. Then turn South and asks the same. Face to the West and enlists the help of water. Finally, turns northward and calls the Earth.

Light a candle and ask spirits or deities that may be especially suited for your cause to join you. Then thank them for their protection, by directing your energy and add their own energy to your spell.

Sing your spell and performs any other ritual that you feel that you reinforce it. Be sure to end the spell saying "So", since, by how works the white magic, this closes the spell. Ask the universe that you hear and that turn your wishes into reality. Always describes your desires in great detail, this is vital to know that the white magic is working properly. It gives thanks to the universe by listening to you. Offers a greeting and gratitude.

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How to make real white magic: closing

Look to the North and say: "spirit of the Earth, my ritual is complete. I say goodbye". While repeat to the left, moving from North to West, South and East, dismiss from each element.
Turn off the candle. Tilting the head in front of your altar and say: "I declare this a closed circle.". Complete closure by ringing a Bell.

Here concludes this article about Learning White Magic, I hope you enjoyed it.

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