How to do white magic spells

Let's see How to do white magic spells. If you already read our article on what is the white magic, which we will show you here below is an example of the format of a ritual of white magic. Of course, there are plenty of other ways of doing it; Depending on your experience and preferences, you can make your spells in very different ways.

How to make white magic spells

1. purification
It is important that the sorcerer has a proper status of body and mind before performing a spell. You can bathe, get dressed properly, and take some time to meditate or breathe deeply. You can also make other preparations, as the anoint yourself with an appropriate oil.

2 purification of space
How to do white magic spells
If we are working with white magic outdoor, rarely we must purify the place, but when working inside this can be an important step. First, you must make sure not to distract. Closes the curtains, close the door, leave the phone off the hook and tell others in the House that you do not want to be disturbed, or anything else to be sure that there will be no interruptions. Then, clean the physical space. Order and aims or sweep the floor (with a regular broom) if necessary. These preparations represent the first step in the ritual and are very important for anyone wanting to learn How to do white magic spells. Then, you must purify the spiritual space. You can use a special broom, incense, saltwater, a musical instrument, or anything you find appropriate. While you purifie your space, view distraction or negative energy spreading, or being expelled in any way.

3. creation of a sacred space
This can consist of the Assembly of an altar or a special space to perform these rituals of white magic. It is important to prepare a ritual circle. Learn How to make an altar for your rituals and how to draw a ritual circle.

4 invocation
If you wish, you can call the divine energies so that they protect and bless your ritual. Invocations usually consist of a prayer or a spoken verse, but may also include music, dance, gesture, or a song.

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5 elevation of energy or work of white magic
This is the process of running the spell, the actions that are performed to create change. Usually, this is the part of the incantation of spells that is described in the articles of this website. White magic spells often involve reciting an incantation or a prayer. Many times these spells rhyme, because this helps his memorization and differentiate the incantations of the normal voice, but it is not really necessary that rhyme. Indeed, improvised words of the heart can work just as well. It is important to view with clarity and efficiency. Push your intentions in your actions and displays energy or energy in the work of magic. Imagine the energy that you are working and the visible effects of your spell. The more can feel, the stronger the effect of the spell will be. The circle will contain your spell power until you're ready to release it. The energy can be released through various ritual forms, such as ignite paper or herbs, visualization or gestures. With great intention and power, sends out the energy toward your goal. Let's see how to do white magic spells.

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6 down the power to Earth
Often there will be residual energies after casting a spell. In practical terms, this means that you will feel full of energy after doing the work of magic. Grounding us again to a normal power, similar to a cooling activity level after exercise. Easily do this is through visualization: concentrate on feeling your weight and how your body pressed against the floor and imagine the excess energy to flow back into the ground. You can also you have a tool for your ritual, like a dagger, and visualize the energy flowing through it. Another very common for down to earth way is to take a little food and drink. Eating is a very physical process, down to Earth, allowing you to gently ease you of your state of ritual. Before eating, you might want to make a small offering to the deity.

7 thank

If you've decided to invite to a deity or power to your circle, now is the time to give thanks and say goodbye. This can be done with songs, gestures, offerings and music, but often all it takes is a sincere expression of gratitude. Thank you for your attention and ask them to come back. If you have not called to the divine, even you can express gratitude in general.

8. closing of the circle
To do this, view the energy of the circle returning back to the place from where it came, usually to yourself. Walk around your circle again, perhaps in the opposite direction to as you did at the beginning, and imagine the energy coming back through your hand, with the wand and back to you. If you've used something to mark the circle, pick it up. Brings your ritual tools and save them. If you've used a special altar, you can remove it if you want, or you can choose to let armed for a time. Once the circle closes and ritual space returns to its normal state, the white magic spell occurs terminate.

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How to make white magic spells: important things to keep in mind

Check out the temporal context. This is: the moon phase, time of day, day of week, time of the year, the position of the stars, weather, etc. Everything can be symbolic and significant in the launch of white magic spells. For example, if you were to do a spell to help you succeed in a new effort, you could do it on the day of the new moon, since this phase of the Moon represents new beginnings. The Crescent or full may symbolize your success on the rise. Do a little research to understand the different moments and their meanings.

Symbolism. White magic is largely based on the symbolism. Everything is used in witchcraft - herbs, tools, colors, measurements, etc - symbolizes something. To be aware of what they mean certain things and their use according to your intentions, you can add meaning and importance to everything you do, that can help you to focus your mental state and then do your most effective spells. Be sure to use symbols that have real meaning for you.

Effort and intention. Spells are based primarily on the feeling, the desire, and the will. You could be a spell exactly as it is written, without errors or oversights, but still it will not be effective if you don't put your energy and intent at work. They are not the tools you use, the words that you say, or the actions that you perform, they do operate the white magic. It is what you put into the spell that really matters. You can use the visualization, power lifting, and other techniques to put will and effort in your spells. Get everything you do in your spells with purpose and intention. My opinion is that, using magic to make something happen, most importantly want it intensely and want to really happen.

Your experience and level of expertise. It is easy to understand that a beginner will be less adept at magic than a seasoned professional. As you learn and acquire practical, your magic, such as meditation or visualization skills, get better. You will also learn what works best for you.
Your state of mind. If you are tired, distracted or anxious physically, mentally or emotionally, you're not in an optimal State to learn How to make white magic spells, and your spells tend to be less effective. Many people prefer to do some kind of pre-ritual to get themselves get in the right mood. In general, make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, control stress effectively, and be healthy.

Here concludes this article on how to make white magic spells. Still surfing this web to find recipes homemade white magic spells. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave a comment here below.

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