Energizing soaps, candles and incense

Through the choice of aromas, colors and shapes of these energy elements may recover the harmony of your home, of their affective relationships, purify your mind, body and spirit.

Stress, discussions, heartaches, heartbreaks or other things can douse our home of bad energy, which often make a vicious circle to its inhabitants; that discomfort decreases the strength of its inhabitants to overcome the setbacks, and thus generates greater dissatisfaction and increasingly serious problems.

Energizing soaps, candles and incenseHouses with dark energy mark negatively to those who live in them, only those affected can reverse the circumstances if they decide firmly and they realize that once again, the possibility of being best "begins at home", and change begins with the possibility that each one can through the action cut the "bad luck".

However, also the context should help; in this note we intend to create atmospheres of happiness through common and highly energetic elements: soaps, candles and incense home. These objects, which have certain duration at home - in order to effect positive - and that also come into contact with the body, have great capacity to stimulate the senses, mind, and spirit.

Craft recipes

Make SOAP, candles or incense is not tiring or boring, since their extra benefit is that we begin to energize from the same preparation. Materials are available at specialized houses of crafts and DIY. Then, simple recipes to make them of a home.

Preparation of soaps

Soap glycerine and coconut, enough.
Dyestuffs and aromatic essences to taste
Moulds of plastic or metal for soaps
Optional: bits of other soaps, flowers, leaves, beads, etc. It is important that are not sharp or sharp elements because when SOAP will consume will be on the surface.

Cut Soap glycerine and coconut in small pieces, and melt it Bain-Marie in a glass container. When it has melted, add colours and selected aromatic essences. It is advisable not to mix scents, because then the perfume will be indefinite and cloying. Stir the preparation gently without foaming, until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Place the still hot liquid into molds, and if desired, add the optional items, recalling that only the light will be on the surface.

Production of candles

Consider that we give the recipe to make 6 candles from 25 cm approximately.

High metal pan
Another suitable for high temperature metal container
3 kg paraffin wax
6 strips of wick of 30 cm
60 grams of dye color choice

Cut the paraffin wax in small pieces, put them inside the metal container and melt it Bain-Marie in the pan. When the wax is melted, reduce heat and pour the dye. Mix until the color is uniform. Now, dip a wick in wax (holding one end) for three seconds and remove. Wait until dry (very important) and again plunge it into paraffin all times as necessary until the sail reaches the desired thickness. Cut out the bases of the candle with a knife, taking care not to leave traces of your fingers and cut the excess of the Wicks.

How to make incense sticks


55g of wood flour
6g of potassium nitrite
½ litre of water
2 teaspoons of colorless mineral oil
1 teaspoon regulator Burnout
½ tablespoon adhesive powder
2 tablespoons powder binder
Coloring, alcohol and scents to choice


In a metal container, mix with 100cc of water potassium nitrite and add the powder binder. Put on the heat and add the rest of the water with regulator the burning powder. When it is hot, stir until a minute after boiling. Pour the mineral oil and continue mixing until smooth mixture. Place in a tall and narrow container and sink the rods once for five seconds with adhesive powder and remove them. The coloring and the flavoring is diluted in alcohol (25 cc's coloring, 50 cc of alcohol and 15 of essence). In a tubular container, pour this mixture and soak the dry incense for another 5 seconds.

Choose the color of your candles

Each color symbolizes a certain energy that you should choose your need of agreement.

This color represents the domain and power. It also symbolizes the joy, joy, the luminosity and the intellect. Its energy favors the development of the economy and is linked with wisdom and mental agility.

The blue color symbolizes peace and tranquility. The vibration that emanates from it is stimulating and soothing. It promotes concentration and balance of powers, why it is used in rituals to reverse unfortunate situations.

White denotes purity, innocence, peace, simplicity and truth, hope, spirituality and light. This color reflects unit with divine forces. It gives peace of mind, inspiration, intuition and devotion.

Sky blue
The clear light that emanates the light blue promotes wisdom and concentration. In the rites of love used to represent the male.

It represents the neutrality and balance. It is used to denote age, maturity, and wisdom.

Brown or honey
This color represents the Earth, materially and physically. The brown color is associated with fertility, solidarity, practicality and robustness. In the rituals used generally for material wealth.

The planet Mars and the blood color is the stimulant for the wishes and symbolizes love, passion and sexuality. The red color represents both the power and the physical life. Grants vigor, courage, dynamism, love and warmth.

Color of positive vibes that tends to avoid evil thoughts by attenuating negative desires. It symbolizes harmony and love. Harmonizes and purifies, bringing joy and well-being. This color is used in rituals for love, representing women.

The green color represents the forces of nature. This color symbolizes calm, goodness, fertility, stability and tranquility, abundance, and life. It suggests balance the psyche, peace and relaxation.

This is the highest color, both in its vibration and the spiritual. It is not a color neither warm nor cold. A sacred color, is considered because under a violet light, the power of meditation and concentration is much higher than any other influence. It represents the psychological healing, peace, and a very fast mental activity. It is very effective to transmute energy and evil situations, such as death, separations, the losses and the economic crisis.

The best scents for the incense

There is a suitable scent to choose from when preparing their incense.

Roses, tuberose, Jasmine: help bring lost love or lead a discussion with the dream couple.

Cinnamon: ideal for attracting clients, investors, interesting business proposals.

Lemon: It purifies the environment and encourages the activity. The health benefits.

Sandalwood and lavender: promotes relaxation and recovery after a sad or stressful event.

Romer: cleans up negative energies.

Pine: it drives away bad vibes and attract good luck and prosperity.

Perfume of Woods: help resolve everyday conflicts.

Here ends this article about energizing soaps, candles and incense. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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