Esbats: wiccan full moon rituals

In today's article and within the posts that I am doing on wiccan rituals, we are going to stop at the wiccan Esbats, the full moon ritual.

Esbats are rites which are made during each phase of the Moon, with the passing of time and for convenience, Esbats are reduced to only celebrate during the full moon, but some people celebrate also during the new moon.

Esbat, as we said, is a celebration of wicca which is usually the night of full moon. The "Esbat" word comes from the French s'ebattre, which means "enjoy". Those who follow this pagan path, make a reunion of friends who want to do some kind of celebration to the Great Goddess.

Originally these private meetings took place under the cloak of darkness, inside a forest if it was possible, away from the Inquisition and dangers. These rituals are important in the proximity to the primitives, so many witches and wizards perform ceremonies outdoors.

Esbats: wiccan full moon ritualsWicca Esbats are the moments in which witches perform their magic rituals, and share news and views. These ritual meetings are also an occasion of important celebrations like the engagement (not religious marriage) and the presentation of the newborn to the Horned God and the great goddess. Dances, festivals, and songs are usually performed. The Church did not see well these secret meetings. As the Esbats are used to make during the nights of the full moon and deep forests, where few were those who dared to enter, began to spread rumors of the terrible events that took place, led by the devil in person.

Today, with the revival of interest in the occult arts, people of all kinds meets during the night of the full moon to perform magical rituals and to express their gratitude to the great goddess. It is a fun and easy to organize. These meetings help to slow the frenetic pace of modern life, if only for a few hours and help us to get in touch with ourselves. We also put in relation with the ancient arts, Wiccan morality, and remind us of the need to respect nature and to other human beings.

The Moon is an old symbol of the wicca Great Goddess, it is also considered as a mystical source of energy. Because that light is related to the power and the strength of the full moon has effects proven about the tides and cycles, both women and animals, practitioners draw energy from the Moon during the Esbats to increase our power during the magical work.

An Esbat is a ritual that involves the adoration of the goddess within a magical work, and as the great ritual of the Moon full wicca must be had among the most important of the wicca religion. Since for Wicca, the time of the full moon is a time of Holiness and spirituality. Rituals usually occur at night when the circle is formed, the great goddess and God are invoked, you can continue with a meditation or a psychological session, then are just magical works under the light of the full moon.

If you want to know more about Wiccan, start here: Introduction to Wicca magic

Phases of the Moon for Esbat Ritual

New Moon or Eclipse
This phase is also known as best, astronomical new moon and Black Moon. This type of Moon is not visible to the naked eye since it is hidden behind the glare of the Sun.

Visible New Moon
This phase is also known as Crescent Moon and occurs approximately between 18 to 30 hours after having released the new moon. This lunar phase is a form of Scythe and this is the position which is taken as the beginning of a lunar month in Lunar calendars used today, without taking as a basis to any specific culture.

Its form is that of a semicircle, so you can only see half of the moon. Its decline is at 12 midnight and its output is to the East.

Gibbous Moon
This lunar phase is formed a few days after the quarter increased; It is said that the Moon is in its Gibbous phase. "Gibosa" means that sunlight illuminates more than half of the lunar hemisphere that faces towards us, while "growing" means that the illuminated fraction is increasing.
The Moon is between the 135 and 180 degrees ahead of the Sun; those who know confuse it with the full moon, especially the last day. It is the moment of tying loose ends or introduce the changes that are necessary.

Full moon
This Lunar phase is also known as the full moon. It is obviously the most famous Crescent shape, and forms when the Crescent Gibosa makes it show the entire face of the Moon, forming a complete circle. The full moon is coming to mark exactly half of a lunar month.
Waning Gibosa Moon

Once you pass the previous lunar phase, i.e., the full moon, you will begin to leave darkening or decreasing day after day to form what is known as Crescent Gibosa reverse or waning Gibosa Moon, mysteriously leaves a few hours after the sunset, glowing red like a full moon when near the horizon. Sometimes it seems a misshapen clone of a full moon.
Last quarter

This phase of the Moon is exactly the same that the growing room, only the part that is visible is the opposing party to which showed the growing room, i.e. is a lu.

Waning Moon
This is also known as increased shrinking or old moon. This phase is exactly equal to the new moon Visible but in opposite direction. To see it it has to be obligatorily eastward and early in the morning, and a scythe-shaped.

Black Moon
This is the last visible Moon from the Earth and is that marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

The Moon and the types of Ritual Wicca

Let's take a look at that type of rituals or spells can be performed each moon phase:

Quarter or Crescent
This phase occurs when the Moon grows from new to full. In it, the Moon provides adequate energy for rituals or spells that require growth and which promote the development of our projects.

It is a good time for beginnings, new intentions, and new loves, and very beneficial to do business, friendships, partnerships, and financial prosperity.

The growing phase also is very good for work on gardening, planting herbs in our magical garden, develop the psyche and increase physical health and general well-being.

Quarter or full moon
This moon phase represents the goddess in his mother. It is a time of blessings and celebrations; the physical power is at maximum. The energy of the Moon is at its maximum intensity when it reaches its fullness.

Both spells and rituals, especially the difficult ones, can take advantage of seamless power provided by this stage. We can use the full moon to amplify a magical purpose and to give additional power to a spell.

The energy of the moon can be used to protect themselves from undesirable influences in his life, the magic of protection and divination are two activities that are favoured by this phase of the Moon; They also thrive, and it is better to perform spells and rituals that seek to express love, energy, creativity, and prosperity.

The influence of this phase not only limited to the day in which it occurs, it is extended for the next three days following appearance.

Quarter or waning Moon
As the Moon passes his way to becoming new this intermediate stage we know it under the name of the moon or last quarter and its power is suitable for the recession, the peaceful separation or removal of obstacles.

The Waning Moon you can use to put an end to harmful eating habits for health, to break bad habits, to move relations that harm us or hurt us or stressful situations.

The energy of this phase helps everyone spells or rituals that require lower or eliminate something complete.

New moon
When the Moon is in its phase of total darkness is said that Moon in the new moon phase. Some Wiccans use the moon as a rest period.

They find it very beneficial for regeneration, relaxation and the accumulation of energy for the phase which follows is the creative phase of the Moon or Crescent.

Other practitioners prefer to use this phase to meditation, to increase your psychic power, or to delve into the memories of the past to help them better understand their present difficulties.

The energy of this moon is provided also for divination.

Now that we know that it is an Esbat and when we see in particular the 13 moons of the annual cycle and what are their general characteristics.

Wiccan full moon rituals

Esbats: wiccan full moon rituals
Like all ritual, in wiccan esbats you should start with a cleansing of body and soul. Get a small ritual of purification in you (either using a bath, using a smoked place) and meditate for a few moments. Also, proceed to clean the place with incense, either with a rod or better, with a smoker or censer. You can also use to cleanse the ritual area water and salt enshrined.

Prepare everything you need for this wiccan esbat. Carry water, fruit juice and food that will use for a simple celebration, and offer it to Gods. If you wish you can decorate the offerings. Put some white flowers to the goddess.

Fill the pot with white flowers and water, you can put some object of silver too. The Crystal Ball is used to represent the Goddess. This is a time of thanks and magic. I highly recommend to make the rituals outdoor, but if you can't, the display is a very good ally.

It is important that if you do any magical work choose full moon, this is the best moon phase for wiccan esbats or any other wiccan ritual.

Prepares the altar, light candles, and the censer, and draw the Magic Circle. Remember to call the Horned God and Great Goddess.

Read here How to draw a magic circle for your rituals and How to prepare an altar for rituals

Stare at the Moon (if you do the ritual indoors, think of the Moon, or seeks to be near a window where you can see it). Feel energy penetrating into your body. Feel the cool Goddess energy filling you with power and love. Now, pray:

Wonderful Lady of the Moon, 
You give welcome to the dusk with silver kisses; 
Lady of the night and all the magic, 
Who runs the clouds in blackened skies, 
And it sheds light on the cold ground, 
Oh goddess Moon, growing, 
Who makes and breaks shadows; 
Revealing of mysteries past and present: 
Whoever attracts the seas and governs women 
Lunar mother infinitely wise, 
I should like to welcome your celestial gem 
The growing of your powers 
With a ritual in your honor 
Prayer by the moon...

Then sit at the altar and thank Mother Goddess for all the blessings put this in your own words, ask for protection if you want. You can also fill you up with Lunar energy. In wiccan esbats, the Lunar Energy is really significant because it is the source of the power of Great Goddess. In any wiccan esbat is important to have good moonlight.

After this, you can follow work magic if required. The Esbats are good times for making spells and magic.

This is important: we have stored energy in the ritual... and we must return it to Earth. We have to put our palms and our plants in the ground, and visualize as all that energy returns to Earth.

Continue with celebration (food and drink). After doing so, dismisses the goddess mother, the God father, and elements. Your ritual is over when you open de Magic Circle.

Here ends today's article about Esbats: wiccan full moon rituals. I hope they serve, you can continue reading this site to learn more about paganism and wiccan magic.

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