Goodbye to bad luck

In today's article we will see how to get rid of bad luck and say goodbye to adverse fate.

Magic spells with seeds for wealth.

Rice, lentils, and Sesame are some of the elements that nature gives us to be prosperous. Thus, as it is generous with us, our duty is also being aware of this to perform the rituals that we offer below.

Seeds are so small that on many occasions, even might pass unnoticed. However these small seeds stored inside the secret of life. If one starts to think, that only one of them many more can be obtained, it is not casual that since ancient times have become the perfect and universal symbol of abundance.

Magic spells of abundance were the first to exist. This is because that always the lack of food has caused the extinction of the human group. In this context is that emerged the rituals of wealth with seeds, which remain almost intact to the present day.

Magic spells with rice for luck

Goodbye to bad luckRice is the symbol par excellence of the abundance, wealth and immortality in the East. The custom of throwing rice to the newly married is a way to wish them prosperity and abundance. But this is not the only thing that can be done with rice seeds to attract the abundance in our lives.

1) spell to attract prosperity with rice


• Glass vessel
• A handful of rice
• A handful of wheat
• Seven Golden low-denomination coins

A Saturday afternoon place in a glass container a handful of rice, wheat and seven Golden low-denomination coins. Then you must move them with the right hand, in a way that each of the elements is integrated into the container. Once this is done, should be the Bowl behind the door of the House or business. It is suitable the realization of this ritual every month renewing ingredients. Note do not pull directly the ancient ingredients away, but that to do so first you should wrap them in aluminum foil.

2) rice spell to attract money


• Cardboard
• Scissor
• Adhesive
• Rice

Cut several parts of a cardboard and attach with glue to form a pyramid. Once you have the pyramid it is necessary to place adhesive on its entire surface to be able to paste all of the uncooked rice can be. Then you must keep the pyramid by the lapse of a week in a place where do not give you the light of the Sun. Arriving the evening of the eighth day, place the pyramid of cardboard at the bottom of a pot where you must add several coins. Then cover the pyramid and coins with the fertile black earth. Place some ornamental plant on Earth. Pot must be placed near the front door, whether the business of the House.

Spell with seeds to ward off bad luck

Nature offers a wide range of seeds. This spell gives the possibility to be performed with the seed of the prosperity that you want. Some from which you can choose are:

• Cocoa: it attracts abundance and stimulates the passion in couples. Not for nothing, this seed was used in the Aztec civilization as currency

• Pumpkin or pumpkin: seeds collaborate in the protection of negative energies. In addition strengthen the aura of people who are at home and most importantly promote the achievement of new projects associated with abundance.

• Sunflower: it is ideal for all kinds of desires. It clears the mind of people and gives alertness to solve or make decisions related to the business and money. It attracts wealth and riches.

• Sesame or Sesame: this seed has the property of open roads. Develop clairvoyance for having a better view of future business and good opportunities in the workplace.

• Rice: predicts prosperity in the newly married and the wealth at home.

• Beans black or beans: they are ideal to be mixed with rice and enhance the magical effects of both. They multiply winnings and prosperous business.

1) angelic consecration for Fortune

Once you have chosen the right seed for your needs, you should wash it thoroughly in cold water, to remove all rest of matter that can rot it. Then it should be placed in the Sun for a period of three days so that it dries properly. Finally, it must be placed in a glass container, as for example a glass container, where it must be consecrated with the enunciation of the following sentence: "Angels of abundance and prosperity radiate its rays to these seeds that germinate passion, happiness and wealth in this home".

Once has been conducted this, should be the container in a high place of the kitchen or room. Finally, consider that it is necessary to change the seeds every four months.

2) the abundance with seed pods

If you concerned about their economic well-being and material, here are two versions of simple and effective bags that will collaborate in overcoming bad luck that are so common these days for many people.

• Bag 1


• Original fabric
• Thread
• Needle
• Seeds

To perform this spell should get an original fabric. It may be pure wool, silk, burlap or cotton, it gives the same. Then you must sew shaped purse. Go to the store and buy several seeds. If it is feasible, of all kinds who know, as all seeds are associated with the abundance of one way or another. In this way, many more seeds are placed in the bag, most abundant will be work and prosperity will be extraordinary.

Once made the sachet, it must be kept in a place where he can be touched from time to time. By touching it we must make running seeds by hands as if it were water. This practice must be carried out several times a day, as many as they are accurate.


• Fabric
• Thread
• Needle
• Sunflower seeds
• Corn seeds

Get a piece of cloth and sew in a pouch. Once you have finished, place a handful of sunflower seeds and corn inside. Hang the sachet in the window of the kitchen of their home. The next day, add more seeds of any kind. Leave the bag exposed to the light of the moon.

Finally, save the teabag in a place within easy reach. Whenever you want, refer to the bag and repeat for the following words: "that the fertility of nature, present in these seeds, give me welfare I deserve and I open the way to wealth. So to be."

3) spell with seeds and fertilizer to attract good luck and wealth

Manure is an ally of the germination of plants as well as wealth and prosperity.


• Seeds of Cress (Lepidium sativum) also known as cardamina or garden Cress
• Seeds of alfalfa
• Fertilizer
• Container or bowl.

Sit in a quiet place, for example in front of an altar or shrine, and light candles and incense. Take in their hands the bowl or container that has chosen to make germinate seeds. View growth energies penetrating it (could see them green, Golden, or any other color you want). Then put the seeds in the Palm of one hand, about them place the other hand, and think of the abundance that is expected to have.

If what you want is material and economic well-being, imagine enjoying the wealth and money. Be sure to ask for only things that turn out to be beneficial for you and your loved ones. . When you are ready, place the seeds in the bowl and add manure to cover three-quarters of the same. Then water the seeds in scattered form.

Place your spell of seeds in a warm and bright place to grow properly. Water daily, thinking for a moment on their magical goal while doing so. When the seeds are ready, cut them up and add them to a sandwich or a salad, then eat it, taking the wealth and making it part of you.

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Here we finished this article on bad luck, I hope to be useful and that you can move that adversity that surrounds you, have more luck in business, love and health.

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Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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