Wicca Ritual: everything you should know about Wicca

Wicca Ritual: everything you should know about Wicca. Wicca is a pagan, and religion as well as other religions (Druid, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Sumerians and other ancient spiritual traditions), with certain rituals that are practiced by its followers. Many of them are solitary practitioners; i.e., they perform their rituals individually. Others form Covens, which are informal groups of Wiccans. Often there are no hierarchies beyond of the coven; There are no large organizations at the State, provincial or national level. Finally, some fraternities have a high priest or Priestess who are chosen by the group for that office.

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Wicca Religion

 Ritual Wicca: everything you should know about WiccaPractically everyone has heard of Christianity, islam and Judaism. Buddhism and Hinduism we can find tied in fourth place. If you mention Wicca to the average person, it is likely to receive a stare. An important reason for this is that many Wiccans tend to keep secret their religion; fearing attacks of different types. A recent survey to 3,798 practitioners of Wicca showed that:

17% keep it totally secret...
33% only allow their friends or closest relatives know that they are Wiccans.
30% they speak about their religion openly.
20% are made completely "public" their religion.

Wicca rituals

Wiccans try to gather outdoors whenever possible. The climate and concerns about personal safety usually obliging them to use inside. They gather in a circle, which is three meters in diameter. Candles in the circumference are generally oriented towards the four cardinal points. Some Wiccans line sails to the walls of the room. An altar is placed in the center of the circle or next to sail north. Rituals begin with the outline of a circle, where the circle is drawn and purified, and the candles. Then creates a space inside the circle; This is sometimes displayed as a sphere or a cylinder or Cone. This space aims to confine the power until it is released.

Wicca ritual have different reasons. Some of them are celebrations, like the full moon, new moon, a Shabbat or a special ceremony. There are also ritual wicca for healing, divination (cards of Tarot, runes, etc.), the teaching, the consecration of tools, analysis or other nature-based activities. Once the main work of the ritual, swallowed food (perhaps cakes and wine) and the circle is closed. Because of increasing worries about addictions to alcohol and other drugs, many guilds have replaced the wine with juice, water, etc.

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Wiccan sabbats

It's the seasonal days of celebration. There are eight Sabbats in Wicca, separated by 45 days during the year. Four of them are minor Sabbats: the two equinoxes when day and night are 12-hour March 21 and September 21,. The Saxons added two solstices December 21, (the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere) and June 21 (the shortest night of the year). In fact, the exact date of these Sabbats varies from year to year and can occur from the 20th to the 23rd of the month. The major Sabbats are also four. Occur approximately halfway between the Sabbats minor, typically at the end of a month. Different traditions of Wicca assigned different names and dates to these parties. The most common names are of Celtic origin: Samhain (October 31), Imbolc (February 2), Beltane (April 30), and Lammas (1 August). The dates are approximate. It is believed that the Sabbats have their origin in the cycles associated with hunting, agriculture and fertility of the animals. Then other Wiccan rituals that are common throughout the world.

Rituals of passage

Dedication, when a person confirmed his interest in the culture of Wicca.
Initiation, when a person symbolically dies and is reborn as Wicca, adopting a new name.
Union of hands: was originally a marriage for a period of one year. Most Wiccans now regard as the creation of a permanent partnership.

Separation of the roads, which recognizes the end of a marriage.

Wiccaning or presentation of baby, which welcomes a baby in the religion, but does not oblige the child in any way.
Funeral ceremony, a requiem for a Wiccan who died.
Many supporters design their own rituals for special occasions in your life.
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The great Wicca Ritual

This ritual symbolizes the sexual union of the goddess and the God who is said to they have created life, and is renewed every spring. It is an expression of frequent use on the positive view that Wiccans have toward human sexuality. Symbolically, this ritual is performed often once completed the main ritual, at the beginning of the distribution of the food and drink. In a Coven, a man is selected to hold the athame while selecting a woman to hold the chalice, which has already been filled with wine, beer, juice or water. The male holds dagger over the chalice and the blade down some words as they are spoken:

Both: "all the fruits of the Earth are the result of the union, your belly, your dance, Lady and Lord. Come, join us, celebrate with us, enjoy us."
Priest: "Just as the athame is God"
Priestess: "The chalice is the goddess."
Both (while the priest falls dagger in the chalice): "And, together, they bring blessing."

Some Wiccan couples who already have an affair, committed and sexually assets include an act of sexual intercourse during their great ritual. Again, this symbolizes the union of the God and the goddess. This is done in private and involves only the two members.

Here concludes this article about Wiccan Rituals. Continue browsing this website to learn more about wicca witchcraft and ritual home.

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