Satanic signs and their meaning

Satanic signs and their meaning. Due to the growing interest of the general public and the saturation of the media with certain symbols, and Satanic, in article of today we will discuss some of the most frequently used Satanic signs and their meaning. It is important to know the origin and meaning of Satanic signs, as well as their true forms, that will include images of Satanic signs in this article.

Satanic signs and their meaning

1. the inverted Pentagram or pentacle star

Pentacle or Pentagram is a five-pointed star with a point upward. This symbol is used in paganism, witchcraft, Freemasonry, and Gnosticism. It represents to the pagans the 4 elements of the material universe, more spirit, and is also used as a representation of the man, with 4 limbs and head. Therefore, used in honor and worship of nature and man. In Satanism, this symbol is inverted (upside down) to represent the rebellion or subversion of man and is known as the "stealth of Baphomet". This star has two tips up, instead of one, which, in turn, also represents the devil, goat, Baphomet, Azazel or Satan. For hundreds of years the Occultists have identified the symbol in this way and drawn images of goat with horns of Satan within the inverted Pentagram, with two horns on the top triangles and ears within the side tips the beard of a goat at the lower end, within the triangle that forms.
Satanic signs and their meaning
In short, the inverted Pentagram is the most basic of Satanic signs and their meaning is Baphomet or Satan. See more images of Satanic signs.

2. the cross upside down

The cross, of course, represents Christ and his crucifixion. In Satanism is inverted to mock and dishonor Christ and his death. It is an act of disrespect and contempt for Christ, and a tribute from the force opposed to Christ, which is in rebellion to God, instead of submission and obedience. The central lesson in Satanism is do your own will ("what you want will be whole law"), rather than of God, so this symbol represents a rejection of the will and Christ of God.

In summary, the inverted cross is one of the strongest and most aggressive Satanic signs, and its meaning is the rejection and the mockery of Christ, and the adherence to the opposite force.

3. the eye in the pyramid

This Satanic sign is on the dollar bill, but also on masonic lodges and originated in the Pagan God Horus in Egypt. However, also has several meanings in philosophy relating to the opening of the eyes of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:7, the third psychic eye, and also the old Norse, Gnostic / German Wotan / Odin, who sacrificed an eye for universal knowledge. This symbol has also called it "eye of Providence" by the Freemasons and others who claim that it represents God. However, the Bible prohibits making any image to represent God, because God is spirit.

Actually, the eye is human, and represents own divinity and the capacity to become God of man. In this sense the eye in the pyramid also represents Lucifer / Satan, since this was the objective of Satan, usurping the place of single creator and be like God, or bigger than God, and was also the temptation of Eve in the garden. This lie of man be God or evolve towards divinity still continues in the new era, Gnosticism, Theosophy, Freemasonry, luciferianism, Mormonism and is essentially the same result in Buddhism, in which lighting leads to omniscience and a State above the gods and devas (spiritual beings). The triangle also represents the Trinity, which is another way of saying that humans are divine and not need God. This is also the doctrine of the Illuminati.

An important author who used this satanic sign this symbol was the occultist Aleister Crowley, who was identified as the Antichrist, and signed as "the beast" and "666". Crowley showed that previous spiritual age was dead and we were now in a new era of Horus. In this new era, these satanic signs are sign of humanity supposedly becoming your own divinity and beginning to reject the notions of a superior creator. The pyramid represents the journey of man and its upward trend until it becomes a God. The seal of this satanic sign on a dollar bill is believed that it is the seal of the Illuminati.

In summary; the eye in the pyramid represents the human being as God, rejecting the creator.

4. the number 666

The 666 is another Satanic signs which means the number of the beast or Satan in the book of revelation. It is used by Satanists with pride as a sign of rebellion and identification with Satan and the strength of the rebellion to God. It is said that also inserted images in the world to subliminally influence and infect the minds of the people.

In summary, the 666 represents Satan and man's carnal nature.

5. the secrecy of Lucifer

A stealth is another Satanic signs, it is a magical symbol that represents a fallen angel or demon. Used to conjure up demons and create a link between the devil and the practitioner (witch or sorcerer), who then uses them to carry out their will and desire. There are those who say that any 'magic' or ritual to express the own will actually is carried out by the demons, not by the universe. The stealth of lucifer is the symbol that represents and embodies to Lucifer, the Prince of the fallen angels. The first meaning of this satanic sign is recorded hundreds of years back in the middle ages in certain grimoires, i.e. ancient books about black magic. However, it is believed that is its origin is in much more ancient writings of the Middle East and its history extends much further back to King Solomon, who said that he has used black magic and demonic powers to build its temple. King Solomon in turn might have acquired the hidden teachings of the pagan women with whom they are involved. The "magic" itself can be considered supernatural manipulation of reality to suit the own will, using invisible demonic realm to carry it out. This warns in the book of revelation, and, one of the first incidents of this type reported by man occurred when some men's daughters became pregnant by fallen angels, in Genesis this resulted in the existence of the Nephilim. This type of 'magic' is recognized and is still practiced today, the two types of demons who have spiritual sex with humans are called "Incubus" and Succubus." The Incubus is the male demon that impregnates the female human being and the succubus is the female demon who tries to suck the vital energy of the men.

In summary; the stealth of Lucifer is one of the most powerful Satanic signs and their meaning represents a tool to invoke the same Lucifer.

6. the Hexagram

The hermetic, Gnostic and cabalistic meaning of the Hexagram is the union of the upper realm with the lower realm. The realm above is the intangible spiritual realm and the realm below is the physical world. It is composed of two triangles superimposed, one pointing up, representing the spiritual realm, and looking down, representing the material world. A practitioner of witchcraft would use this symbol to increase the power of your desire with the spiritual realm and accelerate the manifestation of its will in the physical world. "As it is up is down" is a summation of Hermeticism, which is the oldest form of witchcraft of Egypt and Babylon, which seeks to express the own volition with the spiritual world, apart from the will of the creator. Now also referred to as "the star of David", although the Association, in this case, that has been done with King David is not clear. In Hermeticism, between the Satanic signs, it is known as "the seal of Solomon", which was the son of David, and says that it has been used by him in the battle for their protection. According to the Bible, Solomon spiritually drifted later in his life and was involved in idolatry and witchcraft, so the Association that has with the occult in grimoires (Magic books) would coincide with the biblical account.

In short, the Hexagram is used to express the will of a person, without regard to God and his will.

Here concludes this article on meaning of Satanic signs you should know if you're studying Satanism or curious to learn more. I hope that these images of Satanic signs have clarified your doubts regarding their origins and meanings. Read this site to learn more about black magic, satanic spells and Pagan Witchcraft.

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