How to make a pact with the devil

How to make a pact with the devil. A Covenant is an arranged agreement that is used either as a business contract, or to ensure the terms of the agreed pact. In Satanism, the creation of a pact with Satan may be a form of self-initiation into the path of Satanism. The creation of a Pact is not necessary, but for those who have an interest in allying with Satan could be very beneficial to ensure that they will be dedicated to his chosen path. There are many people interested in learning How to make pacts with the devil to have money, fortune, or to achieve different favors or services. If you ever have thought "I want to make a pact with the devil", no matter the reason, it is likely that this article will be of interest. Here we will see how a pact with the devil can easily done. Keep reading to learn how to make a pact with the devil at home.

How to make a pact with the devil

How to make a pact with the devilMake a pact with Satan is not the same as what is known as selling the soul to the devil. You can find this myth of soul-selling, most frequently in the Christian teachings about Satan. As a Satanist, it should know that the methods and descriptions of the pacts with the devil Christians serve little to those who follow or adhere to the philosophy or spirituality Satanic unless you are an Orthodox Satanist who accepts a Christian definition of Satan. So the first thing is to get rid of some of these beliefs hindering us before we learn How to make a pact with the devil. Some Satanists, including myself, do not believe that there is a further, so the idea of sell or offer the own "eternal" soul in trade does not make sense, or would be useful in Satanism. This is due to the belief in an eternal soul or a beyond where the soul is destined to heaven or hell, is usually a Christian concept, not a Satanic one.

For Satanists, a Pact may be a method to create a link or union with Satan or other chosen demon. Some Satanists opt to make a pact with Satan as a method for creating a working relationship that can help the Satanist in their efforts. Others make a Pact to show their loyalty or to find forces in Satan. The Pact can be a form of devotion or an application for sponsorship to a God or a demon. When less, a Pact can be in the form of a petition, in Exchange for worship or bondage to Satan.

My experience making pacts with the devil

As a ritual of initiation, the signing of a Pact to end the election of the Satanist allying with Satan. When first covenanted with Satan in 1992, was an important event for me. I wrote the ritual and the Covenant by myself. I did a ritual before signing the Pact, a kind of ritual that was similar to a personal black mass, so that I could finish my associations with any former religious bond. The ritual was blasphemous nuances that lead to the climax, my Covenant with Satan. I wrote this compact without a definitive guide.

Once created my Covenant with Satan, I signed it and then burned it in the flame of candles that had been using for the ritual. The purpose of my Covenant was I align myself with Satan, and the road of Satanism. It was a statement of my serious intention of becoming a Satanist. Years later, after being forced to not practice Satanism on a seven-year relationship with a boyfriend, I left that situation to move to something bigger. Because of these lost years, it was important for me to make a second Pact with Satan, to rededicate my life to the darkness. Thus, in 2004, I created another Pact after having returned to my Satanic approach to life. Was it this second Covenant necessary? Not quite, I think. But it allowed me to return to integrate the Satanism again in my life of a dedicated and meaningful way.

Covenants on initiation

In independent Satanism, a Satanist is self-employed or Satanist on its own initiative. In Group Satanism, a Satanist starts with a loyalty oath of ideals, the teachings or the leaders of the group. Therefore, one can say that a Satanist is independent when he offered a Pact to Satan in a ritual of self-initiation of personal. Satanists have been able to discuss this point, arguing that anyone can simply be called Satanist unqualified. Unlike other paths of occult or Satanism structured and organized where there are all sorts of initiation rituals, independent Satanists often have to create their own ritual and making his pact with the devil in order to officially declare as Satanists. It is not necessary but yes it will consolidate the experience for a Satanist. An act of this nature must be personal and meaningful, and because of this, the initiation does not have why to be officiated by a hierarchical leader in a Satanic group.

How it is made a pact with the Devil: recommended method

Then, what is required to make a pact with the devil? There are several things that you should take into consideration, your environment and the possible limitations, as well as the address of your intentions. It is a good idea to plan ahead and be prepared for when you do the ritual you can be concentrated and focused on the objective of your Pact with Satan.

I recommend that you start planning the ritual a month before the Moon full, so this decision period ends with the ritual on the night of the full moon. This ensures that you will have plenty of time to consider your intentions and make plans for the ritual. During this month you will need to study as much as you can about Satan, or the devil that you are reaching an agreement so that you are familiar with the forces that you will align your intention. I suggest a month as a precautionary measure, since a Pact making haste is not as useful or legitimate as one that has been carefully considered and planned. What you will do is create and plan a ritual, performed this ritual, and then sign your Pact with the Devil (Satan). If you are not sure how to create a ritual, I recommend browsing this website, where you will find all kinds of information about rituals. You can start here: How to prepare an altar for rituals

You will need tools and basic materials and a quiet and private place to work, so you can use this month to collect them tools or items, and get ready for your ritual. This ritual will be an event that only be once, since it is an initiatory ritual in Satanism.

I also recommend that you take a time during that month to write a few paragraphs to yourself, by hand, to describe why you want to make a pact with the devil. You should write about what Satan means to you, and why you want to get started in Satanism. This will give you some time to carefully consider your proposal to Satan. This material can be used for the creation of your ritual, because you've already declared through your writing exercise your intention. This is important, since it will give you time to consider and formulate your words.

Part of the planning of a ritual is to obtain the elements that can be used to establish mood and create the necessary atmosphere for the ritual. Collect pictures, drawings, music, statues, or sigils that are associated with Satan in your mind. These objects can be anything that relations with the level of depth that Satan means, or the force of Satanic rituals. This symbolism will surround you as you do the Pact with the devil and will help you to concentrate on the task at hand. Through this symbolism and imagery, the power of Satan will be present at the ritual. You must also get candles and incense for your ritual. My suggestion is, of course, black candles, and incense which is a symbol of the element of Earth, or Saturn (patchouli, cedar, pine, things that are ground by Association).

Some of the ancient grimoires recommended sulphur or other hellish and noxious substances during the invocation of Satan, but for a Satanist, however, the association with the energies of the Earth and Saturn appear to be a better method to evoke this essence through a symbolism that is less threatening and demanding, and more appropriate for the Satanic interaction. Some of us as Satanists, acknowledge Satan as the God of this world, so you only have the sense to use things in this ritual symbolizing the energies of the Earth.

Along with these ritual items, you also need a space to perform your rituals. It is best that you can be alone, in a place where you can isolate yourself from the surrounding world and distractions. Perhaps you have a space to use, or a place to air free that it is quiet where you can make your Covenant with the devil. You must also have a role to sign your Covenant; Some may choose to use parchment paper for this task. For my ritual, I used parchment paper which was friendly with animals (not made of sheepskin). You could also use some kind of special ink as ink dragon's blood to write the Pact, and a Feather Quill. If these things aren't you available, you always have the option of using a sheet of common pen and paper to write the Pact.

Make a pact with the devil at home: the Ritual

Now that you've gathered your elements for the ritual, and that you know the time and place, and your intention has already written, ready to make the Pact with the devil. On the night of the full moon you will take out their ritual. The ritual clothing is black, a ritual robe, simple clothes or naked skin if desired. Then you can dispose of your ritual space, and get ready to invoke the presence of Satan. The invocation is a method of connecting with the power of Satan through the internal partnership. This can be done through chants, prayers or meditation. It is important to focus on the task and not be questioned along the way if it is already running or not; What matters is that you are expressing your wish to the universe, and Satan. You need to be genuine with your intention, and honest and true to your original purpose, without the limitations of internal and external distractions, and thus will get results.

You can also call Satan through the invocation, and in doing so you are calling your inner divinity, to your ritual space power. You must use some type of basic invocation that I can say in a loud voice. Then, an example that I have created. You should try to create your own personal invocation in your ritual, something which is simple and effective. I really feel that a Pact is a personal thing that should be self-created, not something that is copied from a source. When you do own it will make more sense for you.

"I call your name, Satan, the Lord of the Earth,
I call Satan for being here in this sacred space, tonight with me and witness the signing of this Pact."

After lighting the candles and take a moment to surround yourself with purpose and power through concentration and invocation, it is the time of writing your Covenant. Using your previous exercise written as a guide, write with clarity and decision about what you want, how do you want it, when do you want it, and why. You must be detailed, and be honest with your writing. Now, after having written your terms, you will sign the Pact. You can sign with the same ink, or you can take the option of signing this Covenant with blood. The choice is yours, but the signing of the Pact is what you need to make it real. Creates the Pact and is then made. You can keep your Covenant in a safe place, or burn it. I burned my Covenant, by dissolving it in the fire and leaving elements to take it to return it to the Earth.

Here concludes this article on How to easily make a pact with the devil. Read this website to discover more useful information about black magic, white magic, and witchcraft.

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